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Secret Sophie Project (Spoilers)

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Okay so... Spoilers and such if you don't want to know don't look you may get spoiled. 


Alright then, so I decided to do pirates. It fell into what my partner wanted and why not? Here''s a picture of when I started I went with Bergo Ironbelly; because why not? He wasn't your typical pirate, it'd be fun. Then I decided he was a rather small figure, so why not pickup a partner in piracy for him?






Now when removing Bergo from his base I had a mishap involving his ankle. It broke.... When getting basecoats down I tried to fix it with superglue, green stuff, etc.






*Sigh* While I tried to remedy this problem I got down to work on Jamesy (The other pirate). Unfortunately for y'all, I sat down and did much of him in one session without breaks... So, no major progress photos. Sorry...






After getting bored of Jamesy, I decided bases would be the next mountain to tackle. After an elf ton of drybrushing and various shades of brown and bone, I think it looks okay. Might go back and mess with them, probably will.






Then it came to me what's a pirate without a peg leg. Now, I suck at sculpting I intend to remedy that next Reapercon but for now it's true. So, to remedy the ankle dilemma I got some green stuff, concentrated, and put a peg leg on Bergo. It's not beautiful but it's workable and it stays on! I also got quite a bit of painting done on him... Again, bingey painting so no step by step progress pics.






And then finally recent progress pictures of Jamsey I've been messing around with the shading a bit and just generally doing the small bits.









So yeah! That's what I have so far, I think they'll be done before Christmas and definitely before New Years. I need to up the contrast a bit more (I think I'm starting to lose the midtone on Bergo...) work on the back of Jamsey's coat, because right now it's kinda iffy. I need to finish the small bits that I've been dreading. (Bergo's eye!!! So teeny tiny) and attach them to their respective base. C & C always welcome and appreciated!

(Sorry for screwy photos towards the end) 




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So, they are done!! But, I forgot to take pictures....  :wacko: This holiday season has been crazy. I'm gonna go sleep for like five days now. Hopefully my partner takes some pictures.

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    • By Cyradis
      I painted this one in Fall/Winter for @Jay for the 2017 Secret Santa. He said he was playing a martial artist in a tabletop campaign, so I gave him "Bruce Lee". Bruce Lee has some classic yellow and black pants, so I changed the black for red for flair. To avoid ketchup-and-mustard (and the original pants color is Mustard Yellow), I popped some doodles onto the belt. I did intense shading on the skin to make it clear that the dude is made of muscles. The yellow is shaded with Arbuckles Brown from Scale 75, which is pretty much a brown-purple, through Reaper Mustard Yellow, to Scale 75 Hykey Yellow, and Reaper Linen White. I kept the base minimal for ease of use in Jay's game, and gave the base some extra sealant, anticipating handling. 

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      So, I got SGHawkins for my Secret Sophie. She said she would be starting Curse of Strahd soon, so I made Strahd...

      Happy Vampire is Happy!

      Also, i did a couple "Spell Effects" like this Dancing Magma Sword!


      And a pair of the new WizKids unpainted minis. I chose the Dragonborn female Fighters set because Dragonborn are hard to find equivilents for outside the official minis and I wanted to try out painting a few of them for future referance. I really like the effect I made with the first's Fire Sword. The mini's Fire sword is made from clear plastic so I used Tamiya Clear "Paint" to shade it and a little bit of Sword steel paint to make it look like the sword is on fire but that it still is metal underneeth.


      The second Dragonborn was a challenge from SGHawkins to "Try something new" so, I tried Non-Metalic Metal! I used the Copper/Bronze triad from the Bones 3 Kickstarter to attempt it. It came out okay I think, but I can do better in the future. Also, had fun with the Fire and Ice Axes.
      SGHawkins, please post pictures of the items I included too. i did not get to take any pictures of the gifts as I was ill until yesterday evening.
    • By Kangaroorex
      This is my painted mini for Wyvernfire's Secret Sophie.  The request was to try something new and since I hadn't done much in serious modding lately or in the world of steampunk so after listening to a bit too much Abney Park I decided to try to model a steampunk automaton at the moment of epiphany when it realizes that it must leave its birthplace or risk dying before it ever lived.
      I started with 77514 because I liked the looks of the head and body.  I then chopped pretty much everything else off to change its positioning, bringing it from a very static pose to what I hope is a kneeling position struck by the light of revelation.  to give it more of a steampunk feel I added a boiler/power source to the back of the mini sculpted out of greenstuff and wood. 
      Since I also received the bones three copper triad so I thought I would try some metal aging and distressing to go with the changes in the metal and to show the wear it went through.  when I got the mini done, I was originally going to try a winter scene with snow and brush but I thought the stark brick with pieces of broken gears and clockwork scattered on the ground would be more fitting (quite literally after I noticed it would fit inside a protective case that was lying around on my desk ).  the remains of the column was necess ary because I couldn't make its arm stretch to the ground without either bending him over (which was not the look I was going for) or making the arm look ridiculous.  I am really pleased with the way the sculpting came out and pretty pleased with the aging results of the copper triad as well as some of my pastel aging compounds on the steel portions.  I also liked the jewel effect on the boiler.  I need to practice some more on the verdigris but overall I am pleased with the result.
      Anyway, here are the pictures!

    • By Kangaroorex
      I put together this little diorama for Vegascat for the Secret Sophie this year.  He had expressed an interest in fantasy or steampunk and I wanted to give him something that would work for either.  The concept is a whos hunting who in a dark hall or around a building corner.  I left the figures attached with wax instead of gluing them down incase Vegascat wanted to use them in a campaign
      I am afraid that recently my skills have fallen off some and it has been a really busy year.  I did find a few spots in the pictures that needed touchup and got them before I sent them out but its still rougher than I would really like (sorry bout that  I am beginning to think I really need glasses) .  I did think that the overall scene came out really well and in particular, the use of a hemming pin as the silver arrow added a really nice highlight and effect.    the actual walls are from some old mage knight dungeon tiles that I picked up years ago.  I literally have hundreds of them and this was an opportunity to use a few up. 
      Anyway, here are the pictures,  Enjoy!

    • By fanguad
      This was the Secret Sophie mini I painted for Auberon this year.  One of the "inspiration" pictures he sent me was described as "not technically a chainmail bikini."  So I just decided to go with an unabashed chainmail bikini.
      I experimented a bit and used NMM on the armor and blades.  I'm happy with the placement on the gold, but I think it needs more contrast.  I'm happy with the contrast on the steel, but the placement is definitely wrong somehow.  Comments on how to improve this are welcome.


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