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Getting to Know Each Other - December 2016


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This one is probably most important to me, for many reasons. My eldest son had a real laugh. A REAL laugh. I've wanted to hear that for ten years... And I got to hear it in December. Not something that sounds momentous to others, but with his health history, and after effects from that, this was extraordinarily important. And a form of healing for me.

I don't know your son's medical history but if you've been waiting 10 years to hear his laugh, that must have been pretty incredible. Definitely a good thing to come out of 2016!



Lightly:  Childhood Leukemia, the stuff they put in that "medicine" can mess you up for life.  Choices are the "medicine" or death.  REALLY EASY DECISION, but holy cow the effects are not fun to deal with.  So, definitely a relief and some good out of 2016. 

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Question for Dec 31 2016 and Jan 1 2017

What's the best thing that happened in your life (that you're willing to share) that happened in 2016?


Last question for the year. ::): We have a new Quisitor taking over in January!

I attended my first Reapercon!

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