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December 2016 Hobby Goals

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My goals


Secret Sophie Project

Kelly Kraken from scale 75

Sir forscale

My Sophie Christmas Ornament I started last year....


Faction Diorama work

Cleaning my paint room because that totally didn't happen last time.


Drago Voss

The Massive pile of things in my cubbyhole of shame...

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Working on

Bombshell Miniatures:

Relic Meagan

10052 Glacia


Ganesha Games:

H&F Kickstarter Dwarves


Reaper/Heritage big had evil dwarf:

Robu Repaint almost done (70%)


Lots of Bones skeletons and other happy undead pieces.

Reaper Bones Dragon Tortoise, base coating starting.

Edit:  Picked up 3 Bones Elves and a metal Reaper Elf (will name later).  They've been a project since when I posted initially on 12/1, and they're almost done!


I have Eyriss started and primed (Limited Edition Eyriss and Standard pEyriss)


Sculpting the Butcher with cleaver has begun.  (Worked on the cleaver after work yesterday...  I should go to sleep)

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Okay, November is done, and I have reclaimed all the time that NaNoWriMo sucks up.  I need to get cracking on AdeptiCon stuff, and a charity event in a week.


So, until the 11th, all my hobby time is either prepping for, of running a 24-hour lock-in - we're wargaming for Toys 4 Tots.


After that, I need to finish assembling my army for SAGA (so, maybe another 28 models) - then I can start painting both armies (a 4pt of maybe 25 models, and a 6 pt of 13 mounted, 32 foot).  I also need to start painting either a Blazing Sun or FSA naval force for a Dystopian Wars event.


And I will probably finish assembling a British Bolt Action army, and a second one (faction TBD), so that we can start playing that locally.  And possibly start working on painting my Guild Ball team.


Ambitious, but I actually have some big chunks of free time this month, and I can get things done.

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December goals:


- Cinder diorama

- Legion of the Damned Space Marine Dreadnought

- Reaper Bones Cthulhu (finish this puppy off as he's been on my shelf of shame for a while after I messed up his wings...)


Plan next year's painting madness: Next year will be the Year of the Rat in my basement as I try to put a serious dent in the Skaven swarm that I have been steadily adding to for the past 10 years and only have a fraction assembled/painted.  I don't have anyone to play Fantasy/AoS with but it's more of an obsession with Rats...

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My goals for December are pretty much the same as November.

  • Finish exchange piece.  I already have most of the heavy lifting done on it so this should be pretty easy.
  • Finish scenic base.  This may be trickier to get done well so we'll see how it goes.  If it doesn't go well at least I'll still have a mini to mail.
  • Make some mini wish lists.  In general I already know what I want from various companies, but actually making a list would allow me to budget properly.  I know I know, we don't want to be too responsible but next year will be a time to start looking at houses and they can be expensive at 1:1 scale.
  • If all of the above somehow get checked off, then maybe I'll take something down off of the shelf of shame.
  • Actually now that I think of it, there are some techniques I'd like to work on. This will require some video watching, maybe some reading, and practice minis.
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December goal is to at least put paint to miniature each day, including the dreaded brunch shifts.

By New Years Eve I hope to commit the figmentian heresy of clearing my shelf (only 73, sorry 20, but some have been there for 6 months or more and the chourus of voices squeaking "paint us!" is getting to me)

Also need to stock up on  and paint 30 or so mouslings as christmas gifts for co workers.

Aquire and learn the mysteries of the digital camera and pic posting. (camera is purchased and en route from wonderful co worker)

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