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December 2016 Hobby Goals

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Took a break from prepping for the lock-in.  My SAGA army is assembled and primed - save for the warlord, who should arrive in the mail today.  The warband I am loaning to a friend for the doubles event has 4 pts primed, but I need to get weapons for another 9 warriors if I want to bring it to 6 pts.  Need to finish assembling 2 Arena Rex models for a demo at the lock-in, and then a dozen or so Guild Ball models - most of that should get done today.


Tomorrow, I plan on basing and priming as many 15mm ACW models as I can, and beginning to pack everything that I need.  Friday is taking things to the FLGS - that way, if I forget things, I still have Saturday morning to take care of it.

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"Finish" the oil portrait

Moar draw

Sketch every day

More drawing work in studio

Maybe a mini thing when class breaks next week


The Morihalda Challenge (make art every day, preferably learning something new) has been amazing for developing sketchbook discipline and just drawing, even when I'm not feeling it or the drawing isn't great.


The daily drawing from yesterday was pretty cool, even if the proportions are wonky. To think a year ago I couldn't draw worth anything! Can't wait to see how I can develop this skill over the next year!



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  1. Start and finish my Attack on Titan Commission work

Finish the Frostgrave Lich & Apprentice

Photograph the Skeleton Horde I keep forgetting to photo. 

Assemble and prime my Red-Box-Games Warband.

re-assess my finances to see when I can purchase my paint rack system

Get my car alignment finally figured out (Happening this friday)

Beginning researching new brushes. I'm thinking Winsor & newton. I just need to find a good portal to purchase them. Recommendation would be great.

Continue work on Frostgrave terrain.

drink whiskey 

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Got some table time... chose...  to prime and begin a group of Classic Chaos Dwarves.  Armor is done.  Next is skin and then beards.  Then onto hats and metallics.  I don't know why, but I just decided I wanted to paint them, so I did.  I also started a resin Chaos Dwarf from Admiral at the Chaos Dwarfs Online forum and a Chaos dwarf Priestess(!).  The Resin warrior gave me an easy way to paint the red, so I think the above chaos dwarves are suffering from that excitement to do it before I forget, since my recipe book has gone MIA... 


Working on

Bombshell Miniatures:

Relic Meagan:  Also at 90% done, also waiting on a metallics decision.  I'm super happy with her base AND with the model itself.

10052 Glacia :  90% done.  Deciding on metallics before I call her done.  She has been a joy to paint. 


Ganesha Games:

H&F Kickstarter Dwarves DID receive some paint!  Still, much less inspiring to say that than say I finished a few, but hey.


Reaper/Heritage big had evil dwarf:

Robu Repaint almost done (70%)  Still sitting here.  Will likely change this as I finish the above Chaos Dwarves.


Lots of Bones skeletons and other happy undead pieces.

Reaper Bones Dragon Tortoise, base coating starting.

Edit:  Picked up 3 Bones Elves and a metal Reaper Elf (will name later).  They've been a project since when I posted initially on 12/1:  These stand at 75% completion.


I have Eyriss started and primed (Limited Edition Eyriss and Standard pEyriss):  Some base coating for their Green Cloaks and skin work has been started, but nothing to write home about.


Sculpting: the Butcher with cleaver.  Cleaver needs a handle, but otherwise I'm happy with it.  If I were doing production work, I'd be mad, but this isn't production.

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Lock-in was a qualified success; and the owner wants to repeat it again next year, so that's good.


Somehow, I managed to agree to paint up a Kings of War army.  I'm getting cash & trade for it, and I'm going to use it as a reason to get down to the basement and paint 4 or 5 days every week.  It's only 60 orks or so, so it should not take too terribly long either, once I get going.

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Since no one else has started this up, here we go!


My goals:

Finish the Bones Animal Companions I started

Finish the Bones Barrow Rats I started


Organize my basement work area into something a little less... "everything everywhere!!"

Animal Companions and Rats complete!


The basement... well... no... Haven't even started.

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It's late in December but I have one goal and I will achieve it!  Goal: Finish painting first mini.  I have had NO time to work on my painting and with the semester finally over I will have a little bit of free time and my goal is to work on the one mini that I have been working on for months and to just finish it.  I don't care anymore about how good it is, I just want it done.  Before 2017 I want to say I have painted fully ONE mini. 


The tragedy is that desire is not what keeps me from painting; a lot of it is time and a whole lot of it is energy.  My brain is so drained some days that even thinking about picking up a brush to do detailed work hurts my head. 

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