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November & December RP Challenge


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Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.


November 2016

Your challenge is: 4

Bonus Challenge: Here Be Dragons
A bonus challenge for November (to allow folks time to acquire the items necessary) and remember, it is only a bonus challenge. "Here be dragons" paint a single figure, your choice, using every 'dragon' color currently on sale at the reaper store. The only exclusion is primer/sealer. It's enough colors that it should be easy, even with three metallics.


December 2016

Your challenge is: 5

Bonus Challenge: Gift giving vignette

To celebrate the holidays and spirit of giving, your bonus challenge 2 is: make a vignette of 2 figures exchanging gifts - 1 human, 1 non (elf, orc, dragon, whatever) but the items need to look wrapped. Greenstuff, actual paper, a small box with freehand, etc.


Feel free to post both your November and December lists in a single post and just edit like normal.


Our glorious host, NomadZeke, is still alive and well, I'm just helping out a bit with some of the bookkeeping!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Minivember! 30 different minis in as many days:


# 1  Karl in human form

#30 Circle of Chaos: Pedrogo the Dwarf Sorcerer


Painted in November: 40 in total, (30 uniques for the Minivember challenge)


Painted so far this year. 364, with only2 to go for the 2016 challenge of 366.




# 1  Reaper Bones 77229 Mind Eater

# 2  Acheson Creations Ragnarokk the Rokk Monster

# 3  Vor: the Maelstrom Growler Razorback Bull

# 4-6 Shadows of Brimstone Caverns of Cynder Lava Men

#7-12 Shadows of Brimstone Swamps of Death Hell bats painted as Lava Bats

#13-19 Chronopia Swamp Goblins Spearmen and leader

#20  Sedition Wars Strain Phase 2 "Quasimodo"

#21  Bones 77284 Zombie Ogre


Painted so far this month: 21

Painted so far this year. 385  (2016 challenge: One for each day of the year met!)

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1-13. Dozen zombies and 1 skeleton (Show-Off)

14-15. Texas Rangers (Show-Off)

16. Nightslip (Show-Off)

17-26. Pathfinder Goblin Warchanters & Warriors (Show-Off)

27-28. Nine Suns Henchmen & IMEF Slyder (Show-Off)

29. Decker Lugstampf (Show-Off)

30-37. Pathfinder Goblin Pyros (Show-Off)



1-3. Ice Wall x3 (Show-Off)

4-5. Wargs x2 (Show-Off)

6-7. Kavorgh & Kavorgh (Show-Off)

8-9. Hill Giant Krug x2 (Show-Off)

10. Olivia, Female Cleric (Show-Off)

11-12. Golan Hill Giant x2 (Show-Off)

13-19. Ice Wall x7 (Post added to my original ice wall show-off post)

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December challenge - I am building a diorama and it fits the theme but not the particulars.  ::(:

A chicken is giving a Frog an unwrapped gift.   But it will have enough pieces to count as 5-6 figures.  

1-6 Gift Diorama

7-8. Bones Chimera. 

9 Mage in sensible shoes




1  Dwarf cleric,  competition ready 

3-5. Color-coded Ghasts 

6-8 Mummies 

9. Black Chess paladin

10-12 Fire beetles

13. small spider 


Edit: finally finished the chimera.  It was a beast. 

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Platypus holder...

Gotta love auto corrupt :devil:


Been remiss in posting, so everything will be mashed together here...


From October:

Working on:

  1. Wolf Demon (77307) For Airbrush Tutorial on Hangouts...(on Hiatus....)
  2. Bombshell Glacia  (10052) WIP (also Hiatus)
  3. DSM HUNTING WOLF (7410)

I wonder what else will wander on to this list....

Gotta try and paint a pumpkin too...

And we will see what new and shiny things fall into my hands in deepest darkest Denton.....


Well NOTHING on that list got worked on in the last 2 months.....



  1. 6 Battlefront 15mm M1 Abrams tanks 
  2. 2 Battlefront 15mm Huey Cora Helicopter Gunships  (Show Off for 1&2)
  3. Ejrvindr the Far Seeing (Red Box)
  4. Dagrun Arnholdt'sdottir (Red Box) (Show Off for 3&4)
  5. Kane (Bronze Age) (show off)
  6. 4 Battlefront 15mm M163 PIVAD (Product Improved Vulcan Air Defense) WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)(no show off yet)
  7. 2 Intellect Devourers (Dreamscarred Press) Show Off

Currently working on:

  1. 4 Battlefront 15mm M163 PIVAD (Product Improved Vulcan Air Defense) WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)
  2. Red Gunhildr & Little Svein Swiftfoot (Red Box) WiP 
  3. Hawkeyed Arvid & Pretty Laerke (Red Box) WiP
  4. 2 Intellect Devourers (Dreamscarred Press) WiP
  5. 3d Printed 15mm Bridge (no WiP yet)
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My end of the year school holiday party etc stuffs been so busy I've not had time to do much in the way of list building.


Did get my Goliath done,

working on piglets

austringers (Malifaux)

and probably my elf calvary bases

and maybe something after that?

Edited by Guildenstern
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Painted a bunch of minis, but did not make the goals.  :(


Minis to report for November and December:


1-2 Hordlings: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71874-77335-hordlings/

3-7 Rats and Cloakers: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71873-beasts-in-the-dark-77199-barrow-rats-and-77391-cloak-beast-x3/

8-9 Spirit of the forest and little treant: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72500-spirit-of-the-forest-77184-familiars-2-77196treant/



Yearly Total: 46


Jan 9 Feb 5 Mar 5 Apr 0 May 6 Jun 0
Jul 5 Aug 7 Sep 0 Oct 0 Nov 7 Dec 2
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