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The Godsmouth Heresy


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Greyson takes another chunk out of the snakey parts.


Ma’alik lands a ferocious hit, but the nature of the bone causes the blade to skate off a bit, reducing the force a little.


It’s still up.



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Sturgis steps back a bit to get a clear view of the creature and fires a fire bolt at the creature (north of Greyson looks to be in 30'?)


Ranged Touch Attack:  1d20 -1 = 13-1 = 12

Damage 1d6 =  5


Hopefully that helps.  Sorry for my delay.



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Janalyth is the only one who failed the save.

Janalyth is Dazed for 5 rounds.


Dazed: The creature is unable to act normally. A dazed creature can take no actions, but has no penalty to AC.


Janalyth would by up, but can't do anything.

Greyson is up.

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