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Travel Paint Kit

Rob Dean

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DaVinci makes travel brushes that wear well. I'm not amazed with the quality of the brush tip on the one that I have but it's taken a beating and is still in good shape. Plus small sample size and all. I think DaVinci brushes are pretty nice in general.


For traveling with tools, I've got a little Dewalt container that cost me about $6. It's got two locking drawers that are separated into two or three sections and come with rubber separators for customizability. I initially bought it to keep my hobby knives away from my kids but found it to be useful for tossing in a backpack. It holds all my sculpting gear, a couple of hobby knives, a style-x saw, and my travel brush. Plus it's a hard case. I'd probably lose the knives and the saw if I were doing check-on.

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I received a reply from the folks at Rosemary and Co. They are working to source smaller wooden bits for the handles on their reversible brushes. This means that R33s in sizes smaller than 4 are coming up at some point in the relatively near future. I really love their Series 33s, and am quite excited to get my hands on some Series R33. Reversible versions of the same Kolinsky hair brushes I already love.

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On 12/3/2016 at 11:18 AM, Gadgetman! said:

The Masters Brush Soap is also available as a 1/4oz 'travel size'.


On 12/4/2016 at 3:14 PM, Sylverthorne said:

I had a look at my last W&NS7 purchase, and not only does it have the protective 'cap', but the brush came in a tube that I might be able to fit more than one brush in!


It’s been nearly a year and a half since I originally posted this. The kit is still making trips with me, including this weekend.


Following the discussions here, I followed up on Gadgetman’s suggestion and got the travel sized brush soap.


I have started regularly using Winsor Newton Series 7 brushes at home, and, as noted by Sylverthorne, they came in fairly sturdy plastic tubes.  I have put a 1 and a 000 in the stuff sack. They are my first choice for brushes, being more easily replaceable in the event of damage than the Games and Gears brushes. I haven’t had any problems with brush damage from transport using the tubes.


At Gencon last year I took a class on DIY wet palettes, so I replaced the coffee lids with this wet palette built from an antibacterial sponge and a crayon box from the school/stationery aisle at Walmart. I have a stock of wet palette paper, so I’ve been cutting it up and using it,having had some serious curling issues with the baking parchment. I keep a few extra sheets tucked in my pocket notebook, since I have a duplicate palette set up at work.




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And I learned a new trick today. I took the paint kit to sit and wait while getting car maintenance work done. I found that my Ottlite battery was discharged, and the table where I could set up was not near an outlet...but the power cord has a USB plug, so I was able to plug it in and run from my phone recharger for a couple of hours (leaving me at 60% on the external battery, so there was probably more time available).

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