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WIP Christmas traditions, 2016 - Ugly knit slippers and bones Orcs

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My in-laws have a tradition of passing off a joke gift to all the male adults. Someone (it's forgotten who originally was gifted with the slippers) got a pair of knitted size 14 (my in-laws are all over 6'5, I'm the short one at 6'2) slippers in white, orange and green wool. They are ugly. This person then added a small change, like a patch, to each slipper and re-gifted it. The tradition continues. There's one more person I can give these to before it becomes a random (or someone else marries into the family).

I'm adding a few quickly painted bones orcs. I would do different ones (because I have doubles of a couple), but apparently they need to be the same. If in the event it's legal, I will be replacing a sniper with a marauder 77042.

I will document my quick paintjob in this thread, and then safety pin them to the slippers.


I will also be painting a few other bones orcs too - the marauders and Rogan 77224.


Photos soon.

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So traditional brown liner/ medium and 3 thin coats of red stone shake for skin. I'm debating on experimenting today with some green them olive skin and tanned skin with pale flesh highlights for Rogan.











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This morning I did more skin. A wash of olive green, then dry brushing olive skin/olive shadow, olive skin/tanned shadow etc including tanned skin triad and Vallejo pale flesh. Then P3 flesh wash. An interesting look. Photo later.
Spiders got dusky skin and dusky shadow and denim breonne blues and blue liner.
Will do ashen and ghost white and dusky highlight/ leather white later.
Rogan will get more skin work not sure about others.



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More work tonight. Differentiating the bronze armor, base coat for bone handles and bows. untanned hides/quilted armor and base color for Rogan's cloak.

Photos later.


tomorrow will be base coating leather & other metals (chain armor, blades). Maybe shading/ highlighting anything left this weekend. 

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Nice work so far.


How do you intend to add these to the slippers?

Safety pin around the legs/ base through the knit.

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Got everything base coated today. Just working on photos.
Looking back, I shoulda gone looking for my light grey to do grey fur... but I didn't.I used ruddy leather instead. Not really enough color contrast. Looks fine in hand, but I'm thinking it won't photograph well.
I'm liking how the skin has gotten more sickly, yellow-looking now that there's more color. Tomorrow I'll do some washes, shading and highlights. Metallics will be last, then the face.

I shaded Rogan's cloak, but didn't touch the spiders.

Now with pics


post-12970-0-93225800-1481406661_thumb.jpg earlier pic that shows off the cloak better Secret weapon rubber/ rubber  highlight as the mid. Darkest shadow is rubber/ blue liner.


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Turns out I had too much copper in my mix (with scorched metal) and things are looking even more same-y. I'm thinking of hitting it with a blue wash (because orange) to see if that shifts things. Anyone tried this? Other suggestions? I could also try a wash of olive green (because it's in the skin mix, and balance). I'm guessing a cool color will have a similar, though not necessarily as obvious effect as a complementary like blue.



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I threw some black and honed steel and kinda heavily brushed that on... then I took some honed steel and a ghost white/ashen blue combo and daubed that on lightly. It's very subtle but looks like things have tarnished a bit. I'm still going to try the blue wash, but things aren't as dire.


would still love suggestions for rescuing this from the browny-reddoms.

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