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Fantasy 1" Grid Dungeon Tiles for Tabletop RPGs Only $20!

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Setup an infinite number of awesome dungeons for your epic adventures with these fantastic dungeon tiles for any tabletop RPG!

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About this project

Create awesome maps for your epic adventures with these beautiful 4x4" double-sided adventure tiles made of wet and dry erase compatible, high quality chip board. Each tile has walls to show a variety of hallways or room configurations on one side, and an open room with no walls on the reverse.


This is a short campaign, so please pledge ASAP, share the project with your friends, and post a link to social media! This is going to be a wild ride!

Pledge Levels

We have pledge levels that get you up to 8 sets of 30 tiles. The more sets you pledge for, the less you pay per set, up to 35% Off! Depending on which additional sets are unlocked during the campaign, you'll be able to mix and match from 4 different sets! You'll make your selection through Backerkit after the campaign has ended.


Retailers also get to mix and match their sets, but retailer sets come in packs of 3. For example, the Retailer Level One pledge will be able to get 4 packs of 3 sets for a total of 12 sets. All of these could be the same, or you can split things up so you get sets in all 4 sets.

Campaign Progress


Example Dungeons












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I wish they were increasing set size verusus releasing different versions via stretch goal.. but I have so many print and play tiles like this I'm not sure I want chipboard ones

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Not to knock this product or anything.... but with the print and play, you could theoretically print them out, glue them on board (Maybe even chipboard), brush lacquer on them to protect them, and then they would have the same heft and weight of real game tiles. 


The benefit to this product would be that people wouldn't have to do all the work. Sometimes that is nice. 


What I like about this design is that it looks raised on the table. What I dislike, is that the colors look too neutral. I would like a bit more color shifts to help them not look as flat. Cooler colors for the floor and things further away, warmer colors on the walls. 

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