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Maledrakh's 77229 Mind Eater


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Check out the big brain on Brad!


161204-reaper-bones-77229-mind-eater.jpg 161204-reaper-bones-77229-mind-eater-2.j


Sorry about the shaky pictures, I could not get an angle where my camera did not fall over, so I had to hold it. And since I have a bit of shakin' goin' on, these were the best I could take.

Basically this is a massive exposed  brain on some spidery legs. One would expect it to be somewhat psychic...


and it really should not be all that difficult to deal with, just herd some zombies towards it...they will absolutely FEAST on that.


77229: Mind Eater (=D&D Intellect Devourer)

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

40mm base

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Looks great. I have these guys I might do myself here some day, and I love the color gradient and blending you've done, I would have never even thought to do that. How'd you get him on his base? Did you just glue his little feet? I am debating an ugly pin into the bottom of his brain stem to keep him properly located.

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To make it sit properly the base: I cut the very tips off the claw/feet things to give enough surface for the glue. (Alternatively, I would have drilled/gouged out small dips in the base to fit the foot/spikes, as this has often a better effect as the surface contact is increased. Slightly more work though. For easiest localisation, I put a small drop of paint on each spike and place the model on the base at once. the wet paint marks where to drill/gouge. I find the bones are light enough that making foot/spike holes like this is usually not necessary for anything but the largest ones, such as the humongous spider.


the fit: It might be that the base I use (it says "D&G" beneath, bought in bulk off ebay) has a slightly larger top surface than the reaper equivalent.


If your legs are too far apart, there is always the hot water / cold water trick for bones to make them fit.

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