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Gadgetman celebrates Christmas; The Nativity set gets a once-over

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This is likely to become a very long and slow thread since I only have the main Nativity Set and one Wise man yet... 


Anyway, onto the wood 'stable'... 

Since I just got the Vallejo Old & New wood effect paint set, I decided to use that.

(Actually, I got the set for this mini)


First I primed it with IDF Israeli Sand Primer:



Then I coated with 71.131 Concrete. The star is based with Reaper's Palomino Gold, of course.



Then Sand Grey happened...



A wash of Model Wash 76.517 Dark Grey, highlights of RAL1001 Elfenbein 71.075, and some Reaper Bones Dragon Gold on the star.



I think it's mostly ready now, just need a bit of cleanup here and there, some varnish, and a base... 


Yeah, I gotta think about that... 

(It needs to be able to hold all the Nativity minis after all)


Also, because of the instructions, I think that paint set is worth the price, and with a bit more experience with it I should be able to produce some really nice results.

(I used a crappy #1 synthetic for everything but the star, where I used a crappy #0. None of the woodwork requires a good brush, really.)

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If you need a firm base to put all the minis on (metal I presume?) I'd buy a circular 3mm thick disc of mdf. Shellac it to seal the mdf and to prevent warping. You can also bevel the sides with a rotary tool or sanding paper.


If you want to depict straw I would recommend some sisal rope. Just open the rope up and cut it into small pieces. Glue those in palce and apply a number of washes with Vallejo Umber shade (thinned about 1:1 with water) until you achieve a nice realistic straw tone.

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The baby Jesus is in a crib with straw poking out everywhere, so I don't need to make more. I just need to find the correct colour for it.

And yeah, it's all metal.


I'm still considering my options for the base.


The crib, and the staff in Josephs hands are being prepared for the 'new wood effects' in the Vallejo instructions.

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What did you use for base?


Any tips for straw colour?


Take a look at my WIP and Show Off.

Maybe you can steal some ideas..







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Had some time to work on it... finally...




The crib was mostly Vallejo Wood effects, this time the 'new and weathered' version.

The blanket is Bleached Linen.

The straw also started out with Bleached Linen, but was dry-brushed with Golden Blonde.

I may try adding a bit of wash later, or maybe not.




She was primed in a grey primer, except for hands and face that got the same primer as the wood.

The dress is a ligt blue. Can't recall which one, unfortunately.

Her cape was also first attempted with Bleached Linen, but it was pretty obvious that it was the wrong colour.

I ended up with a mix of Linen White(6 drops) with a drop of Golden Blonde to give it a bit of warmth.

I'm pretty happy with that choice.




Unfortunately, the paint reveals all the flaws in her cape...




I think I need to give that mini a relaxing bath in something Green, or possibly nail-polish remover, do a bit of sanding and possibly try a filling primer I have laying about.

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    • By Gargs
      Just curious, is the Nativity set only going to be available around Christmas, or is the plan to make it generally available year round (realizing of course that supplies might be limited).?
    • By Gadgetman!
      Since I now have all the colours I need for this challenge, and Stormwing was suitable prepped, I didn't really have any excuse any more. 

      My dice rolls, as mentioned earlier was:
      Heather Blue,
      Violet Red,
      Blush Pink.
      And since I have no idea of how to make those colours work together, I've decided that I might just as well go whole hog and do a 3Star challenge. 
      So no shades or highlight colours. Just Pure White and Pure Black to help out with. 

      I'm also adding Grey Liner, as a Primer only.  

      Stormwing and base has been Lined. Not all that even, but then again, it shouldn't be visible later since it's there as a Primer only. 
      The mess in my pallette was me trying to find a way to blend the colours. 
      Nope, didn't really find anything, so no blending. 
      It may look as if there's some blue on Stormwing, but that's just the camera being fooled by the lighting. 
      (Vilet Red is to the left of 'six o clock' and Blue is to the right. Blush Pink is in the center.)
    • By Glitterwolf
      I want to give my girlfriend's parents a little gift this X-mas ( well a bit before that).
      So I decided to make a little vignette of the Nativity Set.
      I found this nice dome for 5 euros..
      I had to skip the idea of the three Kings.
      But my girl explained to me that they visited later, so it wouldn't be a problem to just use the Nativity set itself, a sheperd and a few animals.
      Else it would get too crowded on the little wooden plate.
      The Donkey and Oxen are supposed to keep Baby Jesus warm with their breath. So that's why they stand so close.
      The Cow will be mutilated converted into an Oxen.
      Here is the set up.
      I might have to move them a little more forward to close the gap.
      **** But Herman December is a long time away! Why start now?****
      *** Have you noticed how slow I paint?***

    • By Gadgetman!
      So, My sister has a 'Best Friend Forever', and that friendship has lasted... long enough that one of them has become a grandmother...
      And my sister had her Birthday recently, and I figured to give her something slightly special...
      The first...

      Ice Blue and Moss Green dress.
      The second:

      Moss Green and Ice Blue dress... 
      Side by side...

      And seen from the back:

      The bases was made as a single base using a Happy Seppuku stamp, cut to size, then split down the middles with a knife.
      The base material was some cheap air-drying stuff I found at 'Sisters Greene'. PAintjob is Concrete and Rock Grays, and a dark gray wash in the cracks, then a matte varnish all over, with some gloss varninsh added to the cracks afterwards. 
      I probably should have made it possible to remove a mini with it's 'half base' from the plastic base so that it could be placed next to the other, but the base material is just so brittle that I didn't think it would survive very long.
      The plastic 'stepped' bases comes with plastic domes, to protect the minis from dust.
      Sorry about the poor lighting. And the focus could have been better, too, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get them finished, photographed and given away.

    • By Gadgetman!
      This one puzzled me for quite a while, then annoyed me for even longer. 
      Gray fur almost worked, then not at all. 
      I tried steel colours, then bronze, and even to make the sword look like some sort of black glassy rock... It just screamed NO at me. 
      So I gave it another bath in the Pit of Regret, washed it off and gave it a coat of gray primer, then sat down and studied it....
      Yeah, it had to be done like this.

      I still have a bit of a problem with getting good pictures, but... 
      The colours is MSP Shadowed Stone as base and MSP Weathered stone drybrushed on top.
      The Gold is Dwarven Gold,and the blue on the headdress is Oceanic Blue, with more Weathered Stone drybrushed over to 'age' it a bit.
      The eyes and the jewels in the swordhilt is Tamiya Clear Red. 
      It was given a coat of matte varnish, but it's still a bit too shiny, I think. 
      I think it should fit well at the entrance of a tomb or something.
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