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Scibor Christmas Monstrous Bulb #2 WIP


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Time to paint Christmas miniatures! But, of course, if you're a monster then your idea of Christmas miniatures might be a tad bit skewed.... so I think this guy is adorable!




I'm holding him "upside down" because the intention is to hang him like a regular ornament. 


He's made of resin so I started out basecoating him with brown liner and now I still have a couple more basecoats of MSP Fresh Blood to put on his body and the ornament that he's eating is basecoated with MSP Brilliant Green.

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That's an awesome ornament!and you've got the colours so even and smooth.Jealous of you on both accounts.:-)


Thank you! I thin my paint even for basecoating so it takes several layers generally but goes on very smoothly.



Why am I not surprised you have a Christmas ornament like that?


 Anyway, very cool!


Maybe use some small amount of glitter on the ornament?


I think what should be more surprising is that I didn't have it until recently. ::P:


I don't think I'll be using any glitter but I do plan on using some metallic paints. Just gotta block in the base coats first.



Vallejo has a 'Crackle medium'...Might be a good idea for the sphere, or at least parts of it?

There's an interesting thought. I do think that I have Vallejo's crackle medium (I'll have to check to be certain) but haven't used it before.... perhaps some experimentation is in order... Thanks!
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Ok so I've done a few things since I last updated. First of all, I did some experiments with the crackle medium and they didn't turn out great. What I've found is that it's just too small of an area to put it on because you need to put it on really thick to get the crackle effect to actually occur. I do like the idea though and might try doing some freehand cracks when I get to that point. I have also decided against the metallic paint at least on the green ornament part because I didn't like how it looked. I will still likely use a metallic gold for the......I don't know what to call the part of the ornament bulb where you attach the hook, but that part.


So what I've been doing is glazing in shadows on the skin with Warcolours Violet 4. This is a little awkward because I have to hold him upside down to place the shadows, otherwise it's like highlighting with a shadow colour and it just feels and looks wrong.


I have also done a few thin coats of a 50/50 mix of MSP Linen White and Warcolours Ochre 1 on the teeth.....it just looks white, really, but that's ok. I'm going to do more to make them monster teeth-like.


I also used MSP Pure Black over the horns.


Most significantly, I started painting the eyes. I started with a base all over the eye of the same colour I used on the teeth, then I glazed in a little Warcolours Pink 4, then painted in the iris first with Warcolours Blue Grey 3 with a little black mixed in, then I highlighted up with Warcolours Blue Grey 1, then a 50/50 mix of the Blue Grey with the 50/50 mix of Linen White and Ochre 1. Then I drew in very light lines with the original Blue Grey 3/Black and then put in a pupil with Pure Black, then I deepened the shadowed ege of the iris with MSP Military Blue.

Then I drew in veins with Warcolours Red Glaze and then I lightly glazed in some MSP Golden Yellow.




C&C always very, very welcome!!

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Here's tonight's progress on this little guy. I'm having a lot of fun painting him!


So I worked on deepening up the shadows a bit, still using Warcolours Violet 4. Then I did a round of highlighting all over using a 50/50 mix of MSP Fresh Blood and MSP Lava Orange.




I think he's looking pretty good. If you don't think so, please feel free to let me know; C&C is always very, very welcome!

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...maybe a snowflake or two on the green ornament part, but GREAT WORK with or without the fakes!

Well now I totally want to paint little snowflakes on the ornament! I don't know if it'll be too busy with the freehand cracks there as well if I do them though....hmmm

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I should've made an update last night or earlier in the day before I started painting on him again, but I failed to do so.


So I deepened the shading some more and went through several layers of highlights.

I also worked on his teeth.




For the skin, I did highlights, first with a 50/50 mix of MSP Fresh Blood and MSP Lava Orange, then I did a layer of straight Lava Orange, then a layer of 50/50 Lava Orange and MSP Golden Yellow, then a layer of straight Golden Yellow. I'm trying to decide if I should do a red glaze over everything or call the skin done as is. What do y'all think?


For the teeth, I started by glazing in Warcolours .......either Ochre 3 or Ochre 5. Then I shaded in mostly near the gums and then pulling it thinly down to the tips of the teeth with GW Agrax Earthshade, then I made a mix of Brown Liner and whichever Ochre I'd used and darkened the areas by the gums and the little crevices. Then I took Warcolours One Coat Beige and dragged it from the tips of the teeth up about halfway toward the gums. Then I went back in with the Ochre glaze to yellow everything back up. I think they turned out pretty monster-y.


C&C always very, very welcome!!

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      I was asked over on facebook how I painted the wings, so I’ll copy that info over here as well:
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      I've been working on her for a few days now. First of all, it took me 3 evenings to get her prepped and assembled. The first night, I clipped her from the sprue and worked on cleaning up mold lines (which I didn't do a fantastic job of and is really something that I have got to work on improving) the second night, I had to make a store run to buy plastic cement. This was my first hard plastic figure and I have heard countless times that it's best to use the plastic cement for them rather than superglue, but I didn't have any. Unfortunately, assembly didn't go well and I quit halfway through out of frustration. I thought that the difference between the Testors red label tube plastic cement and the Testors red label square bottle with the applicator was just that one had an applicator and one did not. Turns out the square bottle is liquid and the tube one is gel and the gel one sets up faster and was therefore easier for me to use. So I was able to finish assembly on the third night. Unfortunately, I had melted the plastic in some places and left gaps, so I had to do some repair work with some Bondic. If you're not familiar with Bondic, it is a liquid plastic in a tube that cures with a little UV light. It's great for quick and dirty gap filling. It probably wasn't the best thing for this particular application, if I'm being honest, because all it does is gap fill flat without any sort of texture buildup. I probably should have used some greenstuff, but I hate messing with greenstuff.
      So there are problem spots on her where there's some weird texture and it kinda just is what it is at this point and I'm ok with that.
      The following 2 nights were spent "priming" her with Brown Liner (spray primer is not an option for me and brush on primer was not sticking to her) and then I started in on her skin, painted her eyes (they are TINY and also half closed,) her tongue and her hair. The skin still needs some touch up here and there but this is the absolute happiest I have ever been with a skintone I've painted. It was a lot of very, very sloooooow layering working back and forth between shades with paint that was thinned nearly to a glaze consistency and then smoothed over with a glaze of the midtone.

      Her skin is varying mixes between MSP Chestnut Brown, MSP Golden Shadow, MSP Golden Skin, and working all the way up to MSP Golden Highlight. The pictures are washing out the highlights a bit.
      Her eyes were done with Warcolours One Coat Beige, Warcolours One Coat Blue, and Warcolours One Coat Black.
      Her tongue was a basecoat of MSP Rusty Red, then some MSP Blush Pink added in, then some Golden Skin mixed in for the highlight.
      Her hair was a basecoat of Warcolours Turquoise 3, then shaded with Warcolours Marine 4, then highlighted with Warcolours Turquoise 2, MSP Spectral Glow, and a final touch of MSP Spectral Glow with a bit of MSP Ghost White mixed in.
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      Hi, friends! In continuing with our plan to catch up with painting the Dungeon Dwellers as a joint WIP together as they come out, can I interest you in some Baran Blacktree?

      Buglips and I will be painting him in our usual fashion, but if you haven't already, make sure that you check out Rhonda Bender's awesome PDF painting guide for him here: Dungeon Dwellers
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      02818: Bugbear Warrior
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      I know a lot of people are a bit intimidated by the thought of painting dragons, but I promise they're a lot of fun and this guy would actually be a great starter dragon, as he's on the smaller side. I didn't have a Sir Forscale, but here he is next to Queen Illeosa of Korvosa to give you an idea of his size.

      So you can see, he's a far less intimidating size than the dragons you see in Bones. (Spoiler alert, I'm going to assemble him a little later. )
      But for now, here he is straight out of the blister:

      As we've done with our previous WIP posts, I will be tackling this guy with my method of painting for display and I'll do my best to take y'all through all of the steps that I go through from start to finish and share my thoughts with you as I go along.
      As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions - I'm always glad to help out in whatever way I can along the way. I'll try not to take too many blurry pictures....but no promises. 
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