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Ghost King 77161 - An attempt at verdigris and spell effects

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Hi all,
I keep true to the undead theme I have going on at the moment and decided to paint Tim Prow's Ghost King to get a bit of variety while converting the Necromanceres.
He is slightly converted, I exchanged the skull and one of his hands. I wanted him to cast a frost lance with the outstretched hand and preparing another spell with the hand pointing up. I already added a small green flame to the hand, the frozen lance will need to wait until the fabric is done. So far only the face and the armour pieces are finished, even though I might enhance contrast on the verdigris, depending how contrast rich the fabric turns out.


Any comments and suggestions are welcome.








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Let's start with the verdigris and the bone. The other colours may still be subject to change ;).


  • Apply a Vallejo Flat Brown basecoat followed by Vallejo Bronze.
  • Then some slightly thinned Vallejo Smoke is applied to darken parts of the armour.
  • A very thin wash/glaze of Reaper MSP Sapphire Blue and Vallejo Intermediate Green is mixed and applied. The idea is to get a medium tone jade colour. I let this collect in the recesses and wait until it is fully dry. Rinse and repeat until desired finish is achieved.
  • I now added some RMS Pure White into the mix and continued to build the oxidation up.
  • A final thin wash of Vallejo Smoke and Vallejo Umber Shade took some more shine away and toned it all down again. This step is optional and really depends on how shiny or dull you want the armour to be.
  • I left some shine given the guy is moving and not a statue.

It is possible that I will increase contrast in adding some lustre back to raised parts.




  • Basecoat of RMS Tannend Leather (I think that is the name) followed by RMS Bleached Bone.
  • Wash with Vallejo Umber Shade.
  • The bleached bone is then thinned and re-applied so that the highlights are built up slowly.


The coat and gown use both Vallejo Royal Purple and RMS Imperial Purple. The latter as more of a cold, blue tint, the former a reddish hue to it. I added even more red to the Vallejo one and finished it off with a brown glaze to get a dull base to work with.


The flame is made with Golden Acrylic Gel Soft Gloss. I added a green tint with Vallejo Intermediate Green followed by a second layer using the green and RMS Sun Yellow. I will add a final layer of almost white.

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I agree you need to do something to liven up the verdigris. There's a sameness about the plating that makes it look lifeless. The Statue of Liberty is almost completely covered with verdigris at this point and there's a lot of contrast in it. Were I trying to do this project, I'd probably leave the armor basecolor as is. It's a nice bronze. I'd take Reaper Tropical Aqua and thin it down quite a bit. Then I'd wash it on to a plate of the armor. With a different brush, I'd pull up the paint to give it a patchy look (oxidation doesn't have in uniform fashion). Rinse and repeat until you're satisfied. The verdigris is going to kill the shine of the metal, even where it's super thin (or worn away by movement/battle/scraping against things) so the high points should remain that nice brown shade you've got.

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I think a final wash with a colour resembling tropic aqua may be the ticket. There is somethong bothering me about the armour and I think the lack of "life" might just be it. The armour has a bit more contrast in real life, but I think the oxidation products should collect more in the crevasses.
I was going for something a bit like this statue I painted, but with less shine to the bronze. I think a wash with a bright turquoise will add definition and interest. The armour detail is a tad shallow, but I think it should work.

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Thank you chaps and chapesses,


I do like the ice effect myself. I think this should also work well together with the verdigris wash I plan to apply.


I am working at his robe at the moment and try the glaze technique to smooth out the blocked in, rough highlights. I guess it is getting there, but it is not easy to get the paint consistency just right.

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Thank you chaps and chapesses,


I do like the ice effect myself. I think this should also work well together with the verdigris wash I plan to apply.


I am working at his robe at the moment and try the glaze technique to smooth out the blocked in, rough highlights. I guess it is getting there, but it is not easy to get the paint consistency just right.


With a glaze I mix paint, medium and water on a white plastic partyplate.


Mix it until you have it almost like water.


if you wipe your brush though it, you should see the white of the plastic.


Then apply this layer after layer..it takes time, but it is a very cool technique to blend and smooth things out.

If too smooth, highlight again..

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