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Hi all, 


Crazy idea that has been floating around my noggin for months now is finally starting to come together.  Never done anything like this before so we'll see where this leads.  


Cinder, with gaps filled with green stuff.  Her legs are a little bent so I can't quite attach her to her base so I'll use the terrain and pin her where she needs to be.  



Cinder, 2 hatchlings, some quail eggs and tree bark (rocks) for some of the landscaping.  Plan is to have to eggs sitting on a pile of treasure. 



Going to hit Michael's to see if I can find a suitable base for it otherwise I'll be using cutting something out of some MDF for the base.  


I had thought to make this "tiered" and have an adventurer climbing up in search of the treasure but I decided to reign myself in as it's my first diorama attempt.  


Thanks for looking.  

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Maybe it's an issue of perspective, but the eggs look way too big for this dragon.... 


For mama yes, for the babies, not so much...  Maybe Cinder is the dad and is smaller than the mom...  ;-)  I plan on breaking on of the eggs and having one of the hatchlings emerging from it so I needed something that was hollow, egg-shaped and an appropriate size to squeeze the hatchling into without breaking it.  Cinder will be off to one side a bit so it should reduce the scale issue a little.  


Maybe add Khanjira as the big momma?!  ;-)  Maybe for a future project...  

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So after stopping by 2 hobby stores, I still don't have a suitable base for this so I will be cutting one out this weekend.  Have the MDF, just need to draw out the appropriate oval and get cutting. 


In the meantime, Cinder has been pinned (feet) and washed after a "final" battle with moldlines and some green stuff touch-ups.  Once dry, I will try this new fangled "priming" with liner instead of my usual Vallejo primer. 



One egg has been cracked and a hatchling test-fit.  Definitely an appropriate size for the little ones.  For mom, not so much. 



Once the last bits for the base (treasure piles) come in, I'll have to see about how buried the eggs are going to be.  In the meantime, the Rahz Mint has opened and gold coins are being pressed at a slow, but steady rate... These will supplement the cast piles and give me some scatter material. 



Thanks for looking.

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Can't wait to see what happens next. I love the idea of a wary adventurer accidentally surprising a cave full of hatching dragons!

Not sure the adventurer will make an appearance but we'll see how things go.  I've already got eggs, treasure, hatchlings, Cinder...  Though if I do, this is the guy I'd use..  http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/explorer/sku-down/60106



Cinder has been given a "dip" (by brush) in brown liner.  Of course, discovered some mold lines that I missed so I know what I'm doing tomorrow... 


Really have no clue what is up with the picture...  I've rotated the original every way possible and it keeps coming out sideways... /shrug  Sorry for the sore neck folks!


So this was my first attempt at slathering a larger model with brown liner and... I'm definitely not ready for a Goblin challenge...  did her with a size 4 brush and it was driving me nuts, even if it didn't take forever (about an hour), it was starting to feel like it.  I think priming by airbrush will remain my mainstay. 


Hopefully I'll get some color on her on Sunday since Saturday will be a non-modeling day. 




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Progress!  Even if it is only a little..


Finally received my final pieces:



Now I hope to be able to figure out the base size and get that cut out in the next couple days.  Wife is working late the next few days and we've got a big dump of snow to crawl out from so we'll see... 


And Mama got herself a first coat of red.  Game Air Red Terracota to be exact.  Some zenithal hightlights are planned before some light washes to better define the scales and then it will be on to the ventral plates... 



Thanks for looking. 

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So mama got some more lovin'. 


Couple highlights of lighter red and finally a red/yellow mix.  The wings got a light coating of Sand just to get a feeling of tones while I work on the red and then the red was drybrushed with orange and spot hightlights were added with an orange/beige mix.  Once done, the whole thing got a heavy glaze/wash of red (Minitaire Fresh Blood with a little GW Baal Red and some Vallejo Glaze medium). 



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Now that the Tooth Fairy is done, I'm back to working on mama and her babies.  


Thought I had taken a more recent picture of Cinder but will have to upload later.  She's more or less done other than horns and eyes. 

Hatchlings have been slathered in liner and basecoated in red.  


And I started working on the base...  I'd been looking for an oval and found nothing of the appropriate size and so settled on a rectangle...  and I don't like it.  On top of everything, it has warped rather badly (length-wise).  I've managed to flatten it down again but I'm toying with building something out of pink foam instead...  

Cinder would stand on the right, the open area is where the treasure and eggs would go.  




Thanks for looking.  

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