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Hastur Cultist, Warlock DnD. GW kitbash.


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That's a seriously badass looking mini! I'm not sure I'd want to be in the same party as him haha


How did you make the tome? Is it done in freehand? (Is it the Necronomicon?)

Hehe, I can see your point. :D


And it is indeed the Necronomicon! 

It was made by grabbing some art online, Adjusted and resized in photoshop, then printed on regular paper on my trusty old ink printer. I am sadly quite horrible at freehand. I believe I spent about an hour on this mini, with drying times.  

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Most excellent. The idea to simply print a design out and glue it on the book is indeed genius. I may steal this idea. Overall the miniature came out well. I could see that adding a bit more depth to the cloak would improve it further, maybe a dark orange, almost brown wash?

Of course, feel free! :) It's the same thing I've done with the Enforcers I posted last year.


There are a lot of things that would improve this paintjob. It was done in about 60 minutes with drying times. Most are for the tabletop, so I don't spend much time on them. This one was two-three passes of drybrushing over a light brown spray base. Then weathered with sepia and agrax. 

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