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GW Goliath (Orkified)


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So when this model came out I had to have it, as, I suspect, did every other ork player as well. It just screams WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHcoughcoughOrk.


Anyways, been working on it for about a week? I think. Sadly it is now finished and I have to find a new project :( :( Sadness.








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Cool. I don't know how you resisted bloodying up the front.


Thanks :D I really wanted to put the Cultists from the box on the front, like the Orks had run them over but the sculpts are a bit static and also the blood would be difficult over all that weathering powder tbh :( So at this point I just decided to let it go for now.




You are aware thiz is a slowhur vehikle Right? It Izn't painted Red !!!


Has red fenders!! ok they're really quite dark and muddy but they are there lol


Tha's roit an' proppa.


Could use some grot riggers, but that's not a necessity.


Thanks! I am looking for a crew actually, I would love to get my hands on some of the grot oiler etc type sculpts. Gotta save money for a bit though sadly :(

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