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Dragon Hatchlings 03694 and 03664 Blue and Green


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those are great! 

love the contrasts, those little buggers are hard to detail. 

Oh metal, that explains the better details than I have on my bones versions.


That is exactly why I shelled out a little extra for the metal. It appears to me that the larger Bone models hold more detail than smaller ones like these. The only drawback on the blue dragon was all the extra putty filling and sculpting I had to do on his arms. Whereas if it was Bones, it might be all one piece.

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Both of these are awesome, but the colors on the blue one blow me away. Can you tell us what colors you used, especially for the wing membranes and scales?

base was black, chest deep ocean, scales denim blue and I think the membrane was breonn blue. Highlighting used the triads except denim which doesnt have a triad, so I just mixed my own stuff.


I wish I had started with swamp green or black as a base for the other dragon. I probably would had the same effect as the blue. Instead I based him green an then did a wash that should have come out darker but for some reason did not. They were test models so I learned something new from them, which is always good.

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