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Struggling with how to paint this helm

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Basically I've done the rest of the armor a bronzeish/worn gold NMM and now with this helm I for the life of me cannot figure out how to highlight the forehead.



here are 2 pics. I have a spare test helm that I have been working with and unfortunately my lab chewed my phone so can't take a pic but the NMM i did just doens't seem "right"

My other options a blue helm and nmm gold trim (trim wont be an issue) but again with where would my highlights go? The obvious answer is some sort of white glint/sheen on the forehead or around that area but what i have been doing doesn't seem again "right"

really stuck and could use some help :p


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Not quite sure what helm (sorry, out of it today), and I am taking a stab in the dark as to advice. Perhaps don't highlight as much as one would normally, leaving more mid tone and shadow. Then a much smaller highlight towards the top.


I don't have a good picture of the helm in my head, other than a generic helm with long horns, so this is may be way out in left field.

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