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WotC D&D Fire Giant :: Repose :: Thrym WIP #7.89


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This is another old mini that has been sitting on the shelf of shame for some time.


Wizards of the Coast 40022 Fire Giant



Picture from Minibase


I removed the integral base.  I liked his pose but not where he was looking.  So I wanted to have him stalking someone while walking up a set of steps.  This brings his sword parallel with the ground and has him looking forward instead of at his feet.


He was primed black and his armor a Phthalo Blue when he was shelved.  I cleaned off the dust in prep to resume work on him.








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I got some shading in on the skin (Red Shadow).  Then some basecoated furs (Ruddy Leather).  And some color for his sideburns, eyebrows and topknot (Rach Red).








Yeah, he's a bit dark but I wanted to get some shots low to show his steps perspective.


More to come.

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What is the scale on him? He looks great!


The Wizards of the Coast D&D miniature line is 25mm I believe, so he's puny by some current standards of heroic scale.


Here's a picture of the Big Guy next to my Mr. Bones II conversion.




I found out that while Chaz Elliot is credited for the figure, he was mostly sculpted by Jason Wiebe during his apprenticeship.  So yet another "Wiebe Wonder" getting painted by Thrym.

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Okay, here's last night's full work:


Teeth, eyes, and skullcap sewing and highlights:  Reaper Terran Khaki

Eyebrows, sideburns and topknot scalp line hair:  Reaper Terran Khaki

Armor Segments: Reaper Dragon Blue

Shoulder Segments, front section:  Reaper LED Blue

Fur:  Reaper Rainy Day









He'll be traveling to dart league with me for luck ... hope he works better than the scarecrow.


We'll see what I can get to afterward.

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Added some stuff to the base.  One of the comments I received from elsewhere was a sense of scale for the giant compared to regular size humans, etc.


So I added some skeleton pieces to the base and then worked in some vines.




Then I painted the vines a bit and added a bush to the right of his right knee.




I'll be beating up the bush later tonight when the glue, etc. is all set around it's base.  A wire twisted into a loop and bent to sit flat.  The wire is glued into the middle of the moss.


This will remove the "manicured" look of the small bush. I am also considering adding some ground foam to the bush to effect some small leaves on it.


The miniature received some small changes but they are relatively minor to base updates.


I'll have some more later tonight/tomorrow.


Enjoy and Stay tuned.

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Okay, I finished the base last night and started in on that monster sword.












For the sword I decided I wanted a molten background through the flat of the sword.  So, I used Rach Red then I used Vallejo Glossy Black to pattern over the red.


The flat is outlined in Vallejo Stencil and the edge is Reaper Scorched Metal. 


I will be finishing the miniature up over the next couple of nights.


Enjoy and Stay tuned.

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