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Hi guys, here is my first attempt at sci-fi maps, room and art packs...Its pure crazy fun so far..pretty sure you will love it !!

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About this project

Well well well....yeah I decided to go SCi--FI !!!

Love it so far..

I will make 20 useful room that you can digitaly download.

theses rooms are modular so you can make your own maps!

Theses room are fully populated ( no monster or characters but with furniture, computers and all )

I will also make 2 battlemaps, theses maps will be outdoor maps with grids  of alien surfaces ...probably equal to 2 to 4  8.5x11 each with rich details.

The artpack will be full of nice content so you can create your own room ..there will be walls , crate, a computer and objects of different styles.

Not too much objects but with the walls and doors you should be able to build basic sci-fi looking rooms.

Feel freee to ask questions anytime.

I did start another one cause I want to work during my 2 weeks vacation.

Hope that this try is worth the time invested so I can buy more models and make more sci-fi themed maps !

Enjoy the campaign!!







da0978e64c7a838cacecb04a7c2485e3_originacontrol room




The art pack is just beggining more to add

91ca5febfc3272b1bd1b0d76e8868b27_originaart pack

 Some closeups






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