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Hello. I'm seeking to round out the pantheon for my custom world. While the major powers (greater gods) are known there's still a vast plethora of lesser gods that aren't detailed. As such I'm seeking your contributions. What would you be the god of if you were part of a pantheon? Create your own lesser god using the format below and I'll add you to my world.



Sphere of Control

Alignment: ?

Holy Symbol: ?

Domains: ?

Animals: ?

Favored Weapon: ?

Raiment: ?

Color(s): ?

Holy Days: ?

Daily Prayers: ?

Sacrifice: ?

Place of Worship: ?

Appearance: ?

Details: ?


Here's mine.



God/Goddess of Balance, The Walker of the Way

Alignment: True Neutral.

Holy Symbol: The sun and moon entwined.

Domains: Darkness (moon, night), Sun (day, light), Weather (seasons).

Animals: Water fowl (that fly, swim, and walk).

Favored Weapon: Dagger (both a tool and a weapon that can be used in melee or at range).

Raiment: A chain shirt or breast plate over scholar's robes.

Color(s): Contrasting colors (black/white, blue/orange, green/red, or purple/yellow).

Holy Days: The spring and autumn equinoxes. Special holidays during eclipses. Celebrated with wild revelry followed by quiet meditation.

Daily Prayers: Meditation at sunrise and sunset.

Sacrifice: Personally crafted items on the half-moon.

Place of Worship: Anywhere.

Appearance: Arikiel commonly appears as an androgynous, mixed blooded (half-elf, half-orc, etc), individual of indeterminate age.

Details: To everything there is a season. Arikiel embraces all aspects existence. Seeing that there is a time and a place for all things but avoids being overcome by extremes. Followers of Arikiel seek to be well balanced individuals with a diverse range of skills. Both scholars and warriors they consider all view points and act as moderators in society. Most all are multi-classed in some way. Temples tend to be in places where elements are seen to meet. Such as sea caves, cliff sides, marshes, etc. The church has a loose hierarchy that honors tradition but remains adaptable.

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Name: Melonia (aka Miss Melons)

Goddess of the Harvest and Nature's Bounty

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Holy Symbol: Cornucopia of melons

Domains: Nature

Animals: Coyote (Coyotes are notoriously good hunters, but they also love a good watermelon)

Favored Weapon: Bows

Raiment: Corset and Bustle Skirt

Color(s): Purple....lots of purple

Holy Days: Weekends

Daily Prayers: Vocal prayer before consumption of Melon products.

Sacrifice: many 20 miniatures

Place of Worship: table used for meals

Appearance: Melonia usually appears but is mostly never seen due to height. The only time she becomes visible is when she vibrates and bounces

Details: Many give thanks to Melonia and give credit to her for good harvests. Melonia's followers tend to enjoy round shapes and succulent fruits. Many of her followers are creative types that are fond of music and art. Melonia prefers to not have churches erected in her name but prefers her teachings to be spread in an oral tradition.



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Minor God, Patron of the Arts, Prince of Good Fortune

Alignment: NG

Holy Symbol: A golden flute.

Domains: Artifice, Luck

Animals: Messenger Raven.

Favored Weapon: Rapier.

Raiment: The costume of an actor and minstrel.

Color(s): Any bold colors, but red, green and gold especially.

Holy Days: Every major performance is a holy day.

Daily Prayers: A quick benediction before a performance, a request for protection when bedding down on the road.

Sacrifice: A few coins in a fountain while humming a little tune.

Place of Worship: Anywhere. Often his bust or a golden flute hung over the pinnacle of a stage.

Appearance: Bruunwald generally appears as a traveling minstrel, albeit a well-kempt and clean one, in brown and green leather, ornamented with strings and trim of bold gold, green and red. In quiet settings, he may appear more scholarly, in robes of like colors.

Details: It is told by bards and scalds that Brunnwald travels alongside all artists, actors, minstrels and playwrights, and protects them on perilous roads. He prefers creation to destruction, and the cheering crowd to the leering mob. But he is also said to be fond of drama and spectacle, and where such occur, whether a grand performance onstage, or a life-and-death struggle at a dirty crossroads, he is apt to be watching, and, being a luck god, his unseen presence may sometimes tip the outcome one way or another.

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God of Direction, The Patient. 


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Holy Symbol: A Hexagon compass with an arrow on top pointed to one side


Domains: The Sunrise and the Sunset


Animals: A Hound and a Grimalkin which represent the morning and the evening


Favored Weapon: Spears and Javelins and on rare occasions a bow. The bladed section of the Spears and Javelins, farthest from the tip, is typically twisted in a corkscrew fashion. A ribbon is usually hanging off the pole-arm. Sewn on the ribbon is their personal reason for following The Patient


Raiment: A Hexagonal compass around their neck made from a sweet smelling vine. The smell of the vine is only noticeable by those that have been trained to smell it. It’s how they identify each other


Color(s): Burn Orange, Off-white and black. In no particular order


Holy Days: Evenings of the 6th day to evenings of the 7th day. Re-calibration day: The shortest day of the year when followers bring out their compass and re-tuned it on the highest point they can claim to


Daily Prayers: Upon waking up and midway through their day


Sacrifice: A hand forged nail hammered in a tree after arriving safely to their designation. The nails are typically twisted to give them a corkscrew like appearance. Some even place a family crest on the head of the nail, but it is not common practice


Place of Worship: The Arc of Fire, a temple usually located at the lowest point in the terrain of a town or city.


Appearance: Bold eyes and masters of the “thousand yard stare,†Arc’s commonly match their appearance and attire to their surroundings, but with a preference for their orders colors


Details: Followers of The Patient are often described as standing in one spot for prolong periods of time. Once they move in the direction they choose the destination is always met. Their compass around there neck has multiple arrows point in many directions. Only one points North/south. The other arrows are tuned to different thing; the path of their ultimate destiny, toward or away from great good or evil, etc. Arc’s, as they are called, assemble and disassemble their compass’ once a year during re-calibration day. Some even add needles as needed. It is legend of one Arc who had over a 100 needles in his compass and that before he died he had 99 notches in the side of his compass. 

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Name  ULVAR Minor God, Patron of Travellers, Giver of Gifts ( some unwanted)



Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Holy Symbol: A key ending in a wolfspaw


Domains: Night


Animals: Wolves and Foxes


Favored Weapon: Poisoned Dagger


Raiment: A hooded cape, long boots.


Color(s): Black and Purple


Holy Days: Last day of Winter


Daily Prayers: A prayer before entering a dungeon, opening a safe or vault and a prayer before undertaking a journey.


Sacrifice: A piece of raw meat wrapped in Bacon


Place of Worship: Any clearance in a Forest at Night


Appearance: When travelling Ulvar may appear as a hooded man who leads the way or as a large wolf seen in the distance following the travellers.


Details: Followers of Ulvar beg for his guidance, leading the way to unknown paths. When seeking treasure they pray for finding it and for riches. Ulvar can be fickle and sometimes he bestows strange gifts instead of treasure to those he deems unworthy.

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The Doktor

God of Hope, Patron of the Underdog and Lost Causes

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Holy Symbol:



Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Planning.

Animals: Ravens

Favored Weapon: Sap (The Doktor does not generally approve of violence, except in self-defense)

Raiment: Classy apparel, typically with an eccentric accessory.

Color(s): Brown, tan, and beige.

Holy Days: A day 4 days after the Winter Solstice, known to his worshippers as "Whomas."

Daily Prayers: In the morning, prior to starting one's day.

Sacrifice: Hope. One must have hope, and invest that hope in The Doktor in their daily prayers.

Place of Worship: Anywhere an underdog fights for what is right.

Appearance: The Doktor typically appears as a caucasian human male of varying appearance, usually with a British accent (though recently he's gone Scottish). He always has some sort of eccentric accessory or garment such as: a long striped scarf, a fez, sand shoes, an umbrella, a celery boutonniere, etc.

Known Incarnations:

The Doktor was known to have regenerated on at least thirteen occasions.

  • The First Doktor was an unreadable, guarded figure who was, at first, slow to trust newcomers who learnt of him, but once his trust had been earned, he would show another side of himself as a staunch anti-authoritarian with a mischievous streak. This Doktor was often irascible. He made his anger obvious. He was protective of the young women he took on as companions; they reminded him of his granddaughter, Susan. This Doktor was a brilliant, often short-tempered scientist and keen strategist. He used his signet ring to help get himself through ordeals due to his physical age impeding him. He stole a TARDIS and took his granddaughter with him, joyriding through all space and time, without a clue as to how to drive the thing.
  • The Second Doktor, in contrast, was warm and wise. He was as surprised and frightened of alien menaces as those who faced them with him. He had a knack for manipulation and deception, and especially enjoyed to play a buffoon in order to trick his opponents into underestimating him so that he could better carry out his plans. His predecessor would refer to him as a "clown" due to his bumbling nature. He loved tootling on his recorder and carried around a 500-year diary, trying to record his travels, but ended up discarding it. He wore a big fur coat that dwarfed him, tying it closed with twine. A "cosmic hobo," he was forever getting himself in and out of trouble.
  • The Third Doktor was a more dashing figure than his predecessors. He was described by his first incarnation as a "dandy". He had a penchant for inventing gadgets and was skilled at martial arts, particularly Venusian aikido, and owned a vintage car named Bessie. His initially contentious relationship with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart softened into a close friendship during his exile on Earth, lasting through his future regenerations, despite not always agreeing with his actions. He also displayed great affection for his female companions, particularly Jo Grant. He was a gallant action hero who was very protective of his companions.
  • The Fourth Doktor was more eccentric than his previous incarnations. Rarely without his long scarf, he carried jelly babies in his pockets, using them as bluffs, gifts and distractions—and occasionally snacks. He relied on his considerable charm, luck, and experience to get through bad situations. Although he retained his fondness for Earth, he ended his regular association with UNIT almost immediately upon his regeneration and only occasionally returned to the planet. However, he had not properly resigned from the position. He hated to work and preferred travelling but liked history. He enjoyed the company of a wide range of individuals, such as Sarah Jane Smith, aide to his previous self, Leela, a savage, K9, a robot dog,  and even a fellow Time Lord in Romana. 
  • The Fifth Doktor was fond of cricket and wore a stick of celery on his lapel. After a difficult regeneration, this Doktor displayed energy, compassion and innocence not seen in his predecessors. His character was very human and vulnerable. Like them, he used improvisation as the best way out of a tricky situation. The Fifth Doktor was the first incarnation since the First Doktor to go "hands free" and forgo the usage of a sonic screwdriver after having it destroyed. He occasionally wore glasses, even though he didn't need them; he only wore them to make himself look clever. He was the first Doktor to sacrifice himself for another, when he and Peri Brown were dying from Spectrox toxaemia; with only one dose of the antidote available, he gave her the cure rather than taking it himself.
  • The Sixth Doktor was a grandiose and eloquent incarnation. He sported a multi-coloured wardrobe that looked like it was designed by Christian Lacroix; it was often commented upon, occasionally leading to him being mistaken for a jester. This Doktor loved a good quote, often making one he deemed appropriate during an adventure. He also proved to have great acting skills on numerous occasions. His manic personality and acerbic wit could shade into moral passion, but his lack of concern for little things disgusted his companions. He was also capable of violent action, much more so than his past lives, and of killing without remorse when his life was threatened. Like the Fourth Doktor, he spent most of his travels with a single companion.
  • The Seventh Doktor had a voice touched by a Scottish burr. A keen strategist and scientist and especially early in his life, lighthearted, this Doktor was a planner of the highest order. Embracing the complexities of time travel and his ability to manipulate and plan for the future, the Seventh fully embraced his role of Time Lord, even if it risked alienating his companions. However, he wished to help heal psychological scars from which his companions suffered.
  • The Eighth Doktor showed a romantic and sensitive side not displayed by previous Doktors. Less morally flexible than his immediate predecessor, the Eighth Doktor suffered from bouts of amnesia, first after his regeneration and again after Gallifrey was destroyed following the War with the Enemy. He broke down after the death of his Great-Grandson Alex Campbell and companion Lucie Miller, who died defeating a Dalek invasion of Earth. Unlike other Doktors, the Eighth spent his travels crossing between parallel universes and amidst time paradoxes, making his personal timeline hard to piece together. 
  • The "War Doktor" was an incarnation specifically chosen to be that of a warrior who would fight in the Last Great Time War. The regeneration into this incarnation was aided by the Sisterhood of Karn. Although being a warrior, he still showed charm and compassion like his earlier selves. Due to the belief that he had destroyed Gallifrey, he was treated with shame and contempt by his future incarnations. His eleventh incarnation stated that his actions broke "the promise" of the "name of the Doktor". This assessment changed somewhat once the real end of the Time War was revealed and was described after that as being the Doktor most of all by his future selves. 
  • The Ninth Doktor considered himself the sole Time Lord survivor of the Time War (he spent his life thinking that he was responsible for destroying the Time Lords). He displayed much of the playfulness of his previous incarnations, but was emotionally and psychologically scarred by the war and his role in it, which sometimes resulted in a detachment that was interpreted by some as cruelty. When asked about his voice and accent, he responded, "Lots of planets have a North." He cared deeply for Rose; he began to heal thanks to her. He also made dry jokes when facing danger or to diffuse tension. The Ninth Doktor ultimately sacrificed himself to save Rose's life, not only proving his affection for her, but allowing him to make peace with his past. 
  • The Tenth Doktor had a manic personality with a fondness for human pop culture references. However, his more outgoing personality traits largely existed to hide leftover emotional trauma from the Time War. While he had a bright, playful side, darker traits occasionally emerged. He continued his previous incarnation's love for Rose Tyler, though he was unable or unwilling to express his exact feelings. He experienced other romances on occasion, including with historic figures Madame de Pompadour and Queen Elizabeth I. However, they all ended badly. He was also the first Doktor to explicitly fear and dodge regeneration, because he had grown attached to his attributes and felt like it was a form of death and loss of identity; indeed, he is the first Doktor to actually undergo a regeneration (after being shot by a Dalek) yet retain his appearance and personality When the time came for him to fully regenerate, he was completely heartbroken before accepting his destiny. 
  • The Eleventh Doktor exhibited a renewed youthful enthusiasm for adventure. He could quickly turn frantically angry and ruthless when events demanded. Like his Second and Seventh selves before him, he was a cunning schemer, executing temporally complex plans and misdirections to achieve victory against his enemies. He frequently referred to himself as being old, showing his age on more than a few occasions. Through his marriage to River Song, he found a sense of family again with her and his in-laws, and was distraught when circumstances separated him from them. Some events still provided painful reminders of his role in the Time War. He was the final incarnation before the Time Lords granted him a new regeneration cycle.
  • The Twelfth Doktor displayed an acerbic wit coupled with sarcasm. Like his seventh incarnation, he was manipulative and practical to a fault. He lacked much of the empathy present in his immediate predecessors, and as a result found himself coming off as callous or uncaring on many occasions. In spite of this he shared the Eleventh Doktor's lack of tact and odd behaviour. He had a tendency to brush off death around him, in order to focus on the task at hand. However, because of this he expressed doubt as to whether he was a "good" man. He eventually accepted that he wasn't a good man, but decided he wasn't a bad one either, being just "an idiot with a box." He was also not completely uncaring as shown when Clara Oswald tried to force him to help her save Danny Pink and he stated afterwards that even though she betrayed him in the worst way, it didn't change his willingness to help her or how much he cared. This incarnation had the same face as Lobus Caecilius, a man whose family he once saved from the eruption of Pompeii; the Doktor did not remember this until following the (initial) death of Ashildr he had an epiphany about his purpose. Although less affectionate than his predecessor, at one point dismissing his eleventh incarnation's infatuation with Clara as "a mistake," the Doktor and Clara's relationship, especially after the death of Danny Pink, deepened to the point where he became obsessed with her safety and threatened all of space and time on a 4.5-billion-year gambit to undo her subsequent death; although he successfully rendered her functionally (if temporarily) immortal, he was forced to erase most of his substantial memories of her. This incarnation subsequently used the hard-earned lesson of the loss of Clara to finally resolve his relationship with River Song, allowing her to finally meet her own fate after having put it off since his eleventh incarnation. 
  • Muldwych was an incarnation of the Doktor that lost his TARDIS and was exiled to Antýkhon. He resembled a rotund old man and often wore a red cloak. He was often visited by the Seventh Doktor. He eventually escaped Antýkhon through puterspace.
  • Dokien was an incarnation of the Doktor that was good friends with Irving Braxiatel. This Doktor travelled to an an alternate world and taught King Arthur. He became known as Merlin. 
  • The Curator was a future incarnation of the Doktor. He greatly resembled an older version of the Fourth Doktor. His eleventh self wanted to eventually retire and become a curator.
  • The Valeyard was, according the Master, an amalgamation of the darker sides of the Doktor's nature, somewhere between his twelfth and final incarnation. He shared the characteristics and dress sense of the Master. He sought to take the Sixth Doktor's seven remaining regenerations and have them for himself. He was finally defeated in Victorian era London. The Valeyard is the only incarnation of The Doktor who is not Neutral Good. He is Lawful Evil.

Details: Though largely a believer in non-violent conflict resolution, The Doktor was, when absolutely necessary, a great warrior. Indeed, some civilisations in the universe translated the word Doktor as warrior, whilst others saw him as a compassionate benefactor, worthy of their admiration and compassion. Although he had saved untold numbers on his travels, he was thought to have caused the deaths of billions at the conclusion to the Last Great Time War. Though most of the Daleks were killed in the crossfire, Gallifrey — disappearing, rather than being burned — was hidden thanks to the efforts of "all thirteen" of his incarnations, the first eleven of which retained no memory of the event. For his actions, the Time Lords granted him a new cycle of regenerations, allowing him to live on after using up all available regenerations in his first cycle.


Through the power of regeneration, the Doktor's personality and outer form changed greatly over time, though all of his incarnations were essentially the same person, retaining most memories, curiosity, eccentricity, and wisdom of the ones before.


An interesting aspect of the Doktor's personality was that he occasionally expressed a personal liking or disliking for particular incarnations, though this opinion depended on the incarnation making the assessment. The Doktor's tenth incarnation expressed a deep fondness for his fifth incarnation, and slight disdain for his ninth, considering him unnecessarily violent. The Twelfth Doktor was obviously flattered when he believed, incorrectly, that his companion was romantically involved with a fellow teacher he considered to bear a resemblance to his eleventh incarnation. The Fifth Doktor was disliked by his immediate successor. In another instance, the Fourth Doktor made reference to the Third Doktor, saying, "Some people liked it, but I prefer this one." The Seventh Doktor was also annoyed when he had to work with the Fifth Doktor, seeing him as "not even one of the good ones". The Fifth Doktor was equally disgusted by what he would become. The Fifth Doktor also stated after meeting his past selves that he was not the man he had been - and "thank goodness for that!". Immediately before his regeneration, the Tenth Doktor stated, "I don't want to go", showing he had become attached to his current self. Immediately after his twelfth regeneration, the Eleventh Doktor remarked upon his new nose, stating that, "I've had worse" — possibly a reference to multiple incarnations, including his third, who was once described as a "long-shanked fellow with a mighty nose". The Eleventh Doktor also at one point expressed loathing for his first incarnation's initial personality, considering himself at that time a foolish and arrogant liar and a selfish coward. The Eleventh Doktor expressed an even greater hate for the "War Doktor" who he considered a traitor, even stating that he went against "the name of the Doktor" in his actions. 


The Doktor is not above personal appearances in times of great, world-ending strife. He typically travels with one to four "Companions," in his magical, time-and-dimension-travelling blue box, the sound of which brings hope to anyone, wherever it is heard.







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This is a character I played once.


Caleb Marsh
Sphere of Control: Moths
Alignment: Selfish, with a heart of gold
Holy Symbol: Moth and flame
Domains: Night, nature
Animals: Moth
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Raiment: High Fashion of the day
Color(s): greys
Holy Days: none
Daily Prayers: none
Sacrifice: Young buxom virgins. 
Place of Worship: none
Appearance: Strikingly handsome young man, the body of a dancer, the best clothes, 
Details: The former god of moths got killed (Caleb never asked how) and when the overlord came looking for a replacement, he unfortunately found Caleb. He has little interest in moths, or his godly duties, but very much enjoys the powers. He keeps his head down when among the other divinities, and doesn't get involved when he can help it. He spends his time among mortals and using his divinity to improve enjoy himself, rather than messing around with the moths. 

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Name Suzagep

Sphere of Control Spirit of Metal, Fire, and Forges

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Holy Symbol: A single dagger crossed with three arrows

Domains: Shadows cast by fires

Animals: Wolf pack at night, but oxen during the day

Favored Weapon: Studded metal rod

Raiment: A copper pin in the lapel, or the holy symbol on a leather cord. Can also be embroidered in cloth with thin copper wire.

Color(s): black and copper

Holy Days: First new moon of each season, where the forges must be maintained but no metal may be worked.

Daily Prayers: None, except a small litany apologizing for moving the shadows when passing an active forge

Sacrifice: a metal button for women, a small piece of coal for men, strands of hair for children, and small wire loops for elderly, all of which is cast into the forge's fire during the holy days

Place of Worship: other than the litany near forges, worshippers touch their pin in the lapel with their left thumb to speak prayers

Appearance: glinting pair of silver, triangular eyes in a forge's cast shadows, with the outer angles trailing off into a thin line stretching around into to the infinite darkness of a central shadow

Details: Pleas are directed towards Suzagep whenever a blacksmith starts a new weapon, be it a sword, a knife, metal rod, ax, or arrowhead in order to have the metal retain its strength and edge. For others, it is a request for fire to maintain the truce handed down, which is that fire is to be treated with respect and fed, and in return, the fire will work in providing heat to work metal, to a lesser extent cook food, and to keep people warm. Mistreat the fire, or break an oath given before the forge, and Suzagep unleashes the fires, with the flames taking the shape of running wolves or an ox head, allowing it to consume the structure and area around the offense.

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Goddess of Battle & Tenacity, Patron of Fighters, The One That Rebukes Fate

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Holy Symbol: Two swords stuck through a Helmet covered in Ivy

Domains: The Battlefield, War, Fate

Animals: Crows, Coyotes, Badgers

Favored Weapon: Broadsword

Raiment: A small brass or steel coin with her holy symbol on it hung around the neck by an ivy vine.

Color(s): Blood, Ash, Steel, Brass

Holy Days: The day before and after the Summer solstice, any battles fought on those days will end in major losses for both sides.

Daily Prayers: Before battle or, when facing a seemingly insurmountable odds a quick prayer or a kiss pressed to the holy symbol will suffice. She's not one for ceremony.

Sacrifice: Something from battle thrown into the fire. From the victors it MUST be something they took! (The more you took the more she'll want. DO NOT give her a small sacrifice if you got a lot of loot). From those who lost, something broken, be it a sword, an arrow, a piece of armor, or a tooth, it doesn't matter.

Place of Worship: Those small shrines that pop up after major conflict (weird, right?). Sacrifices can be made anywhere with a fire, honestly.

Appearance: To many or during battle she is seen as a red-eyed crow or coyote. When seen by a few she appears as a red-haired, human, female, clad in bloodsoaked armor or, if not in the midst of conflict plain, grey, peasant's clothes. If seen as a crow/coyote without accompanying conflict, this is an omen of war.

Details: Many things that the losers sacrifice return to them. (i.e. You sacrifice your sword that broke during the battle, you are likely to find a new sword on your doorstep or, with your belongings). Additionally, she will not stand for the sacrifice of humans (DO NOT ATTEMPT). She tends to play favorites & likes long odds, whether it be in number or skill, if you're the underdog she is likely to favor you. However, she's fickle, if you make a disparaging remark about her, even if she favored you before, she will ensure your downfall. Her love of tenacity is not only on the battlefield, if you are one that refuses to accept your fate and work towards your goals no matter what, you'll find her favor. Her more devout followers are often found in schools, slums, the military, politics, and oddly enough assassins and thieves guilds. They are quite devoted and she is usually fiercely protective of them, she sees them as her children. She has no set temples, her shrines pop up and are gone as soon as they serve their purpose; she prefers oral tradition, books, and appearing herself to potential devout followers.

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Is it allright to post more than one?




Alignment: True Evil


Holy Symbol: A Diamond


Domains: Parties, Social Events, Large Gatherings


Animals: Mink


Favored Weapon: Stilleto Heels


Raiment: As less as possible


Color(s): Gold and Black


Holy Days: Black Friday


Daily Prayers: Kiss a Diamond before going out


Sacrifice: Money


Place of Worship: Any Mirror or Reflecting Surface


Appearance: Seductive


Details: This Demonic entity looks very pretty but is a coldhearted being that will rob you of all riches and your soul.

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Name Nabila
The Green Lady, Mistress of cats
Alignment: CN
Holy Symbol: A cat ready to pounce
Domains: Vengence, jealousy and lust
Animals: Cat. 
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Raiment: A porcelain white mask and black clothes/cloak
Color(s): white and black
Holy Days: A mardi-gras like week of debauchery and excess
Daily Prayers: Say the names of those who have done you harm
Sacrifice: You may not devote yourself to one love. 
Place of Worship: The grave of an enemy
Appearance: Nabila is a dark green haired beauty with pale skin. She carries herself as a light warrior. She rarely wears armor, but when she does, she prefers leather or chain shirts. She always carrier her rapier, Leaper. She can appear innocent and sweet, or with a mask of rage. She holds disdain for everyone. 
Details: Nabila is fickle. Providing warmth and protection to her followers one day and then coldness and nothing the next. She has no friends and few want her as an enemy. She is a favored god of assassins, thieves and mercenaries, and recently noble women in a secret cult like sect. 

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Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Holy Symbol: None, although His faithful prefer the holy symbols of others, defaced by claw markings.

Domains: Trials, Tribulations, Murder and Hope

Animals: "Were" Creatures

Favored Weapon: Simple or Improvised Weapons, Priests prefer the Kugelblitz, clubs or maces inset with black, polished marble or granite.

Raiment: The skins of the hunted.

Color(s): None

Holy Days: None, although His faithful will celebrate the anniversaries of great violence or turbulence.

Daily Prayers: None. 

Sacrifice: "You will know."

Place of Worship: None.  His faithful will congregate  around locations with histories of violence or catastrophe.  Should they grow in sufficient numbers, they may seek to create or "refresh" such a location...

Appearance: Unknown, or at least uncertain.  He prefers Avatars via possession, usually shapeshifters or aberrations.



Algor is a terror that should not've been.  Jovial and gregarious, as a mortal Algor caught the attention of the gods through some deed long forgotten. How it came to pass is uncertain, but Algor was tasked with the mantle of "Adversary", perhaps as controlled opposition or in lieu of a another force.  In the end, however, he proved unnatural: a chaotic thing is primordial, unthinking.  Algor established something unthought-of: Patience... of a sort.


His faithful believe in the "Moment".  It is either now, or not.  When it is, it is.  So they prepare.  For the Moment, or a Moment, there is little difference, for either way it is the "Moment" when it comes.


As for temperament, His faithful are violent, passionate, and appreciative of both wit and irony: it is not uncommon to hear tales of outsiders surviving chance encounters with cabals or covens hearty and whole.  Nor is uncommon for them to offer trade or salutations to one side of a village while they rape and plunder the other.  The city of Nodens, (sometimes Rodens) has been called the city of rats, after his Faithful led an armed slave rebellion to seize the city - killing every cat within its walls as they did.  


He gathers the souls of His faithful as they die, so that they may ever be part of his trials and tribulations.  An army, some say, waiting.


Waiting, for the ​Moment.

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God of the Morlocks

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Holy Symbol: Any of the six simple machines

Domains: Mending and Breaking

Animals: Does horsepower count?

Favored Weapon: Large Wrench

Raiment: Work Clothes

Color(s): usually soot-stained

Holy Days: full shift plus time and a half

Daily Prayers: Loud, unbroken cursing

Sacrifice: lubricants and knuckle skin

Place of Worship: Anywhere that machinery becomes less of a thing and more of a place

Appearance: Usually obscured by protective gear and grease

Details:  The funny thing about powerful mechanisms is that they can more or less kill you at any moment, and often seem to be biding their time in order to do so.  Worshipers of this deity are no exception - their god emphatically does not care.  But those who follow the cult's teachings don't *need* divine intercession to save them from the treachery of the machines, because they are prepared when it comes, or head it off before its fruition.  Usually.

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The busy spider, The weaver of webs, Chaotic luck, Joy, Fate & Sparkly things


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Holy Symbol: A spiders web

Domains: Luck, Joy, Fate, Spiders & Sparkly things

Animals: Spiders

Favored Weapon: Fangs & wands

Raiment: Varied.  Normally involves a small symbol of a spider weaving a web, or a spiders web on it somewhere

Color(s): Silver, Black, Sparkly

Holy Days: The dark of the moon & the full moon

Daily Prayers: invoking the weaver of webs to look favorably on them this day and grant them many joys

Sacrifice: Fat buzzie things, sparkly things (cut glass works just fine)

Place of Worship: anywhere that spiders weave webs

Appearance: Sometimes a small spider, sometimes a very large spider and sometimes a small woman dressed in black from head to toe, looking like a caster.

Details: Kaeyne is somewhat distracteable.  Provided you don't turn from her, she won't turn on you.... but she might get distracted for a while when something more shiny comes along.  Or a fat buzzie.  Especially if it is chocolate coated.

She weaves webs and incorporates joy and luck into said threads.

It is said that her webs encompass all... though not all know it.

If she likes your thread she will decorate it with sparkly stuff and your life will be charmed.

You don't want to think what happens if she catches her buzzies with your thread.

There is a reason why buzzies are given as sacrifices (so she won't have to catch her own)

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      Ok so, my aussie friends and us play RPGs via Roll20 every friday and we take turns GMing. After a bit of a hiatus we've come back to my game, which is based in my world I call the Land of Oden. It's essentially high fantasy, low tech (though some exists from the 'previous' world, it's considered anathema) - you've got your typical racial archetypes.
      The basic backstory is there are a lot of independent type holdings, and most people belong to a Guild, if they have a trade. Guilds keep the areas safe, caravans going, food grown, and animals, well husbanded. Anyway, so the PCs are all Guild Journeymen off on their Journeyman's quest (a ritual they all have to go through before being considered full time Guild members). By tradition the quest is secret - they can ask for help, but not say "I'm on X quest, help me find Y" kind of thing.
      Lots of random quests are easy enough to insert - but here's the thing. I didn't think too far ahead when I decided they were on their Journeyman's quests... and all of them are very different >< I'm having trouble tying them all together =/ I was hoping maybe one of you guys would have some ideas to help out!

      Dariac - Dragon-Slayer (kinda defunct ancient order as Dragons no longer exist): find a red herring (deliberately made it so basically it can be anything)
      Althoniel (Healer): has to find a special plant known to flower perhaps only every 11 years (provided random pic)
      Mud - (Hunter): find the White Stag (not necessarily kill, just needs proof)
      Rosen - (Wanderer - essentially woods guide/surveyor type): needs to survey Khurash Dhenfor (an area no one's been in for a generation, give or take)
      Rincwind - (Mage) - survive to the Guild seat, at the top of the Mountain (planning a surprise for this one, once he gets there)
      Heldin/!s͎tchp - (Elf) - not really the same, his background is he was cursed somehow into the shape of a falcon (!s͎tchp) and ended up travelling with Mud as a companion for a long time, until a recent spate of magic in a Necromancer's Lair seemed to give him the ability to shift, at least temporarily back to his Elven form (it's still somewhat involuntary)
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    • By Lidless Eye
      After many distractions and other projects, I've finally finished my set of miniatures from the "Blood Rage" board game by CMoN.  I've been working on them on and off (mostly off) for over a year...the first few Giants were finished over a year ago according to my Facebook memories.
      I've posted some of the monsters before, but I figured I'd put them in this Show Off as well as part of the set.
      First, we have the Gods of Asgard:







    • By sirgourls
      So I currently DM a 5e D&D game. One of my favorite things to do is create my own magic items. The armory sets from Bones 3 seem to me to be perfect candidates to have accompanying RPG stats! To that end, I made up the following. Feel free to steal/tweak these if you like them!
      Ashen Zweihander
      This magic greatsword adds a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Its hilt is fashioned to look like the skull of a ram. When drawn, flakes of ash fall from the blade. When you hit a creature with the ashen zweihander, you deal an extra 2d6 necrotic damage. If a creature hits you, you may use a reaction to cast hellish rebuke. This power recharges every day at dusk. If you kill a creature with the ashen zweihander, its body is reduced to ashes. The only means of bringing such a creature back to life is via either a true resurrection or a wish spell.
      Axe of Death
      This magic weapon is shaped to appear as if the wings of the Angel of Death form the axe head. It adds a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. Any creature you hit with the ace that isn't a construct, ooze, or an undead takes an additional 2d8 necrotic damage. In addition, if after you strike a creature it is reduced to 100 hit points or fewer, it must immediately make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or die. A creature that succeeds this saving throw takes 7d8 necrotic damage.
      Bonesplinter Reaver
      The haft of this greataxe is fashioned from the bleached bone of a long-dead creature. This magic weapon grants you a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. It scores a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. When you score a critical hit with the axe, the creature you hit must succeed a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or suffer a severed limb. Succeeding the saving throw results in no additional effect.
      Crown of the Dust King
      Wondrous Item
      This crown was the possession of the King of Dust. It has absorbed some of that being’s power. While wearing this crown, you gain some of the properties of undeath. You do not require food or drink, do not need to breathe, and are immune to poison damage and the poisoned condition. You are able to command lesser undead by your sheer presence. As an action, you may attempt to assert your control over any ghouls, skeletons, or zombies within 30 feet of you that you can see. Make a Charisma check. The DC is equal to 10 + the creature’s challenge rating. If you succeed, the undead is under your direct control. You can issue commands as a bonus action on your turn. Any undead within 60 feet of you, whether under your control or not, has advantage on saving throws to resist the effects of being turned.
      Dust King’s Aegis
      This magic shield once belonged to the King of Dust. The shield grants you resistance to radiant damage while you bear it. In addition you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons wielded by good-aligned creatures.
      Graveyard Shield
      This shield is marked by the power of death. You can force a creature adjacent to you to fail a death saving throw. This power recharges at midnight. In addition, while the shield is in your possession you cannot suffocate as a result of being buried. Finally, when you kill a creature that is within 5 feet of you, you gain 10 temporary hit points.
      Hammer of Doom
      The head of this magic weapon looks like it is fashioned from a rough slab of a tombstone. The fangs of some creature adorn one end. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. You may cast bane as an action. This power recharges at dawn.
      Reaping Greataxe
      This greataxe is cold to the touch, like a bone left out in winter. This magic weapon grants you resistance to cold and necrotic damage. As a bonus action, you can cause sickly green energy to wreathe the head of the axe, changing all damage it deals to necrotic damage. Another bonus action changes the damage back.
    • By SparksMurphey
      The Swallowtail is a heavy recon chassis produced by Borsig-Spline for the Adon Economic Confederation. Roughly the size of the Mantis, the Swallowtail sacrifices armour for what is an impressive speed for a CAV its size, preferring to flank enemy forces for a surgical strike with its twin Herker heavy PBGs.

      Click here for a 360 degree animated gif
      Comments and feedback welcome!
    • By dsmiles
      They come. They breed.
      They rape the land. Steal its magic.
      The glaciers are moving. The world is growing colder. The sun is growing dim.
      They don't see it. But we do. As do the rest of the Elder Races. The Naiads, deep in the water. The Centaurs deep in their forests. The Trolls, in their caves. The
      Giants, high in their mountains. The Kobolds of the deserts, and the Goblins of the swamps. The Dwarves and Elves are retreating, leaving this world. We cannot, for we have no powerful magics. We are Orcs! We will stand and we will fight, when no others will. Others will come, as long as we are at the forefront. They must, for if this
      world perishes, we all perish.
      For many generations, our tribe has been kept as a standing army by a half-Naiad sorceress. She is vile, but we serve her because she works to save the world from the humans. We are branded as slaves, but she cannot hold us, should we choose to leave. We are Orcs!
      Her plans are nearing completion, and we are her most formidable warband. We strike at the heart of a human settlement tonight to obtain an artifact. She tells us it looks like a star with three points, and that she must have it. It is vital to her success. We must succeed, our lives, our kin, our world, everything we hold dear is at stake. We will succeed, for we are Orcs! None can stand in our way!


      Orcs! is a fantasy campaign using the Guardians of Order BESM: The Slayers d20 mechanics. It is intended for up to 10 players at a time, and if there are more, they will wait in the queue. The link (at the top) is to a folder in my Google Drive which contains all the pertinent information for the game. It is intended as a dramatic comdey, and can vary wildly from one extreme to the other. I will warn you in advance that I...borrow...liberally from Stan Nicholls Orcs: First Blood and Orcs: Bad Blood. They were, in fact, the sole sources of inspiration for the campaign. (So, if you've read them, no spoilers, please.) Yes, the campaign and the book start off the same, but where the campaign goes from there is entirely up to the players.

      The game will start once I have a minimum of 6 active players. I would prefer a full warband of 10, so spread the word.

      I will also be running this game live (once I get home), and may keep journals from both groups to share with each other at the end.

      Each character will need a voice color, and your full character history and character questionnaire will be public knowledge.


      Active Characters Auberon redambrosia fishnjeeps Spike Arc724 TGP Queued Characters Any questions may be asked openly here, or privately via PM.

      Good hunting, warrior!
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