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I finally broke down and bought a 3d printer to play with.  After a lot of reviews and investigation, and a long wait time, I finally found myself with a Prusa Mk2 from Prusa's company in Cz republic.  the machine came fully assembled and even the very first print was pretty. (a very cute little treefrog)  I have since printed a bunch more frogs and  Adelaine the dragon (who thinks she's a wolf howling at the moon).  and a lot of roadway prints from Fat dragons latest kickstarter


As I said the prints are really nice even at the fastest speeds (which are not fast but such is the life of 3d printers.)  a 4 inch square road section takes about 2 hours to produce and the machine will handle up to 4 sections at a time on the available bed space.  I am including this here so I don't forget and I will put pictures up when I get done with work. 


My only previous experience with a printer has been a small m3D which was much more finicky and had a real problem with size limitations and I guess I expected the worst, but this has done a great job


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As promised pix of stuff printed and the printer itself.  the printer is currently printing 2 more road pieces.






the gold frog is finest quality (3 hours) in the bottom photo the dragon is "fine quality" the pink frog on the right is normal and the frog on the left is "draft" which takes about 25 minutes to print.  Thats about as fast as the printer will go with the head i have on it, although there is a 0.5 head that should allow for double that speed but the cost in resolution is pretty dramatic and not recommended for parts smaller than 5 inches in the smallest dimension.


and the pink frogs are color changing ink.  they are blue below 40 deg F pink at room temp and turn white above around 90 deg F. 

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my photography does not do the dragon nor the gold frog justice.  the print is good enough that the step effect looks like intentional cats-eye until you actually touch it.  i was suitably impressed. 


Lets try the photos this way:









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these prints are also right out of the box.  The only thing i had to do was the initial bed calibration.  It took about 4 minutes to heat up and i was off and printing.  Its also reasonably quiet.  maybe 20-30 db.  ie it can run in the family room and it doesnt bother those watching tv or you tube videos past recognizing that its running.

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Wow.  Those pieces are quite impressive.  The capabilities of your machine are rather far ahead of what the industrial machines I was working with back in 2013 could produce.  The technology is improving.  Now hopefully the prices will drop . . .


The Egg

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OK, I've passed my will save for another day, but it's getting harder every time I see one printing out terrain pieces.

The will save is about to get harder... Fat Dragon is releasing their village builder buildings starting next month. Essentially print your own Dwarven forge type pieces, and with a decent slicer they should be scalable to the 10 mm level


I am curious on where those cobblestone street pieces are from.And congratz on the printer.

Thanks. The pieces are from Fat Dragon, the first pack from their dragonlock village line kickstarter

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If you want to hit 10mm scale you will need a smaller nozzle than the 0.4mm nozzle that's standard on most home 3D printers.


There was a bit of an discussion on the Fat Dragon Forum a while ago, and I posted a few snaps of some scaled down pieces.



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