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Christmas Gifts or Yuletide Beat the Clock

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With Christmas looming ominously. I started thinking of sending a few yet-to-be-painted-miniatures to some friends. I ordered a few that might work if I could manage getting them done for The Day...of course if they get there after THE DAY, it would still be cool; just not quite as cool. All that aside, I did a little Green Stuffing last night & started the first one this morning:





...with some further progress in the afternoon:





...this one will be for my friend "Indianapolis" Jim aka Von Kurst. Jim has a Morheim game going in Araby at the moment; SO I fihure the Genie would go with the game & the Genie Binder I sent him awhile ago.

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Man, I always love seeing your work. Thanks so much for sharing it. 


Thanks for the reply, Loim...the morale boost is appreciated. I'm happy you enjoy my stuff!


That's a cool genie!


Thanks, X...glad you like him.

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Very cool! I love the fiery smoke effect you've got going on. :)



--OneBoot :D


Thanks, OneBoot. I'm glad you like it. The mass of smoke balls kept bringing Lawrence Welk to mind. SO for sanity's sake or at least a break from the polka music I opted for some fire.


Looking good so far!


Good luck beating the deadline!


Thanks, Wolf. I'm glad you like it thus far.

So far I have three or four pieces I want to do for Christmas. This one is the easiest, but I'm not sure if Jim will be going away for a visit with his family. That makes completion time problematic.

The second one isn't all that necessary to finish before Christmas.

The third I haven't figured out what I'm going to do.

The fourth is for Cap'n John; this one I'm not sure whether I should paint it or let him try his hand at it...over the last seven years he has only started one mini.

I am getting in the Bah Humbug Spirit.

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Very cool!  I haven't seen many genies, don't know why they aren't more common.


Thanks, vegascat! I have a fondness for Genies, but I had a wonderful, illustrated A Thousand & One (Arabian) Nights as a boy...its influence lives on.

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what the genie can't just pop over an deliver himself!


...that would be cool, wouldn't it? Some where in Indianapolis a little swirling cone of fire appears. Then poof, the Genie pops into existence.

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Well, it's the thought that counts, as they say, and it looks like you did a fantastic job on the genie.

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Well, it's the thought that counts, as they say, and it looks like you did a fantastic job on the genie.


Friend Jim aka Von Kurst is pretty pragmatic about these things. It's the impact in his Mordheim/Araby Campaign that counts.

The Genie is now sitting in the Indianapolis P.O. waiting for sorting & delivery...they better get it right, or else ZZZZZZZAAAAAAP!

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