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Official and unofficial star wars minis?


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Hey guys and gals


I'm curious if anyone can point me to some star wars minis or at least star wars inspired, cool dudes/ladies with light sabers ideally. Larger scale only 54mm+


I know Knight Models did some official ones, but they're all OOP. I've seen one or two "inspired by" minis and busts but none that really caught my eye, just wondering if anyone knows of some others.



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Because the Knight Models you said you were interested in would be 32mm at best.


If you are interested in green army men scale check out "Star Wars Command".




Not at all actually. Knight Models produces gaming figures as well as 70mm display models, the latter being what I'm after.


They used to have a 70mm line of star wars figures like this one https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41cESvkz1qL._SY450_.jpg


Which I've already acquired, but I was hoping there might be some knock-off or star wars inspired figures from other companies in large scales.

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