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CAV as RPing

Lady Tam

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You hear it "bantered around" since you know people out of the office


It was discussed quite openly at MilNet and there was even a post there from MATT, talking about it, OVER A YEAR AGO


Now you may believe iin the product, but you know how many people I know have GONE BACK to whatever they were playng (mostlyGW) becasue of a lack of a schedule that is actually followed?


This is acgtually hurting Reaper... but that is just my opinion... back to work on the battle of the boccage... using CAVs, why? NO fluff... and WW II gives me quite a bit of shall we say fuff. heck, Gier Krieg looks tempting right at the moment, as the CAVs can work as Kriegs.


As I said, it is only hurting Reaper...


Too bad, because you cannot sell product on rumors and hopes and belief of a system.


Again pet peeve, and this is NOT only CAV... many a very good sytem, from many a visionary company has died a good death, due to a lack of... a good program manager.

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so I guess I'll pony up and ask the question, Why are you still here?


You obviously have a passion for the system and what we have so far but from everything I've seen lately has been less productive and more negative?


I don't mean to slam you but I'm just trying to figure out why your not more supportive?


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Dallas Texas

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This is classic, shoot the messenger


That said, I have no more reason to be here... as you said I have a time line to play with this paricular system


It is called WW II... as I fully do not expect to see any releases any time soon... and some metal and a poster do not work.


The mechanics are amazingly good... and that is the sad part. Will not be the first time a good system dies due to lack of support, it is rather common in the industry in fact... more common than people indeed realize.



I wish that Reaper had done what it should have done and SUPORTED the system the way it should have... free piece of advise have all in the office get a copy of Microsoft Project, it is a GREAT TOOL


And by the way, I mostly read... and why am I negative? What you see as negativity is criticism, well meant criticism.


Promises broken, promises made... and I know you do not like that answer... I fully know that.


Have a good day... as they say, time line to write, and things to take care off that are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than a silly game... amazing, when the Liao Curse puts gaming fully in perspective... and those who play Tech will get it, For those who do not, it is the Chinese Curse...

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