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Craig Sager, dead at 65

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Being a sports fan, Craig was a staple amongst the Turner stations & such. 2016 you are such a monster.


Probably the best way to show him in his environment:




RIP Mr Sager

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*inappropriate joke time*


So, he died from a build up of toxic plaid pastels, yeah?








He was known for his wildly colorful suits & such. Just google Craig Sager suits you'll see em. :lol:


This was his ESPY award show one. Which also was a very moving speech.




Heard a funny story about him from someone on espn yesterday. During a Game 6 or 7 of a NBA playoff game he was there. He told that person he was doing chemo treatments & was in between a couple. He figured why walk around a hospital when he could be here doing something. :lol:

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