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War in Christmas Village by Jackalope

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A Kickstarter project for dark themed Christmas minis:




The prototypes shown were produced from renders, and they do look nicely designed and painted.

There's just something that strikes me as odd about this Kickstarter that bothers me but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Things like the painter of the minis being named while the sculptor is not. Or having a $1 reward level and a $5 reward level both of which offer no rewards when there is already level where you can set your pledge for no rewards. Then a $25 level for the four shown minis and then a jump to an $800 level.


There's not a lot of details about the campaign, no possible stretch goals or addons shown or talked about, and what there is is pretty bare bones and has been very tersely worded. It's the project creators first Kickstarter, so maybe unfamiliarity with the medium might be a factor? Just odd.

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The $800 seems to include a pair of professionally painted minis(28 and 54mm) of Your design.


He mentions 'unlocked rewards' in both the $25 and $800 Levels, but nowhere else.

And honestly, at $25 for 4 minis, I can't imagine that he can afford to toss in many freebies.


There's no mention of which material they'll be cast in, except the two custom minis that will be 'plastic'.


He's also a month or two too late for this one as most People would want to receive them before Christmas...


He may be New at this, but honestly, no.

Not going to touch this KS With a 10' pole...

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I'm not getting that  warm, fuzzy feeling from this one either.  I like the minis/concept but I'm not comfortable yet, but I hit the remind me button.  If he is close to, or has hit his goal by then, I may still chip in. 

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Delivery by Dec 2017 insn't all that good, either. 

It doesn't take that long to prepare moulds or cast minis, and I think most backers would like to have time to paint them before Christmas...  

I didn't say I agreed with it. I was just pointing out what seemed to be the answer to a question.

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@Peter J this is my first Kickstarter, and as such I want to leave ample time for production and any snafus which may arise. I hope to get these manufactured and shipped sooner than later, but I want to give myself ample to do so. I'm actually hoping to have a Christmas in July for 2017.

According to the toy company these can be a produced and shipped a lot sooner than 11 months, but since I have no previous experience working with them, I prefer to be safe rather than have the potential to upset backers. The company I've chosen is a reputable manufacturer and has produced many Kickstarter launched games. The miniature sculpted designs are already made, and I actually have more miniature designs than I can economically produce right now. I've scaled this project back to something more simple, as I'm a beginner.
Before launching this I bartended for over 20 years with employment in fine dining restaurants. Customer service and attention to detail are crucial in that line of work, and i have the same work ethic, which I still carry with me.
Before that career, in middle school through college, I worked mostly in the sales department of the family floral shop. The florist industry is another customer service oriented field where everything need be perfect.
I hope this information has allayed the concerns you may have.
Thank you for your support :)



This line of 28 mm miniatures will be made of PVC, a material commonly found in tabletop games and gaming miniatures.


These miniatire models are to come preassembled, unpainted, and are not intended for children under the age of 16.






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Hello I'm the guy who is launching The War in Christmas Village Kickstarter. For the folks who enjoy the designs thank you. The digital sculptor is Alex Peereira of Spec Toys, and I think his work is amazing.


This is both my first Kickstarter and first venture into model making; I figure we all have ave to start somewhere. The $800 pledge idea was to see if anyone would be interested in a custom made model of their design. It appears there isn't much interest in custom work.


I recently updated the Kickstarter with a Zombie Reindeer as stretch goal. Originally I had planned to manufacture the Zombie Horse, a sculpt based on a creature some players faced in a Village Hommlet based adventure I wrote, but folks prefer the Zombie Reindeer, so I chose that design instead. The reindeer has not been printed or painted, but the horse was.


At the request of a couple of backers I included add-on options for multiple miniatures. The Snowman and Krampus designs are quite popular.


The reason for the estimated shipping date in 2017 is that I would rather not disappoint backers with my first venture because of a failed shipping estimate. As I have learned, there will be unavoidable snafus in partnered creative endeavors aka chaos. Ideally I would love to have this project fulfilled and shipped in July. The goal is to get these beautiful sculpts into the hands of backers well before Christmas of 2017. I feel we are inundated with Christmas stuff earlier and earlier each year. I didn't want to be that guy who markets Christmas before Halloween.


I feel I have put together a team of amazing artists to make this twisted holiday vision a reality, and thank you for opening up this dialogue.


And lastly, I couldn't have a Krampus model without featuring his buddy :)


...and if this helps give me any sort of Dork Sided "street cred" here's a featured post on something else I made earlier this year with my friend James.



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...and if this helps give me any sort of Dork Sided "street cred" here's a featured post on something else I made earlier this year with my friend James.


Thanks for your posts and explanations. It's always good to see a project creator stand up and reply to concerns.

The reality is that too many here, certainly myself included, have had some bad experiences with kickstarters that have gone wrong in the past and when someone new arrives on the scene having more info is always helpful.


Best of luck to you and your backers.

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Thank you gentlemen. I had no idea this thread was even taking place until recently. Thankfully a backer of this project told me about it.


What more can I tell you? I bartended for several decades, and I have also held management positions. In this project the I'm the creative guy, and I do as much as I can. For the things I can not do I have hired awesome professionals, to help make some cool stuff.


The $6,000 goal is low and doesn't even cover all of the costs encrued in the design and production of this project. Professional working artists are not cheap, and rightfully so! The artists I have hired are worth every penny spent.


In regards to shipping, I reside in Louisville. We have Amazon here :)


Also, the manufacturer is hip to Kickstarter fullfillment too, so I will see what they have to offer.


I hope this helps.


Thanks you.

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