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Darsc Zacal

War in Christmas Village by Jackalope

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From what I've seen it's generally not a good idea to have the goal be less than what you expect it to cost.  Especially when things frequently end up costing more than was expected.  For example changes in shipping costs, or a manufacturer under quoting the initial estimate.  I've seen several projects just run out of funds when things get to shipping.  Then either it's a slow painful process where things get shipped in small batches or the product goes to retail to get funds to ship, which make backers grumble when they see the figures in the local gaming shop or online before they have theirs in hand.

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I'm still tempted by this even though I have concerns over the level of detail the final production PVC minis will have.

2 things I am unclear on though.

I can't find any information on shipping costs. Shipping to Canada isn't cheap.

Are all these stretch goal minis being added for free to the $25 pledge level?

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The zombie villagers sounds like a second set, deferent theme and a second mold is mentioned, which would be fine by me.  It just really seems like the funding is bare bones, no extra give for just in case.  I think someone from reaper has mentioned before that getting a mold cut average about 10k, even if this is a smaller mold that does not leave much for production and shipping.  also some of these figures would be great in hordes, like the snow men, so if they are on the same mold as Santa that could leave the project with a lot of unloved Santa's.


Also Shipping is showing as $10 for the US and $15 for Canada.

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Horned Turtle and Darc Zacal,


The cost to have a master mold created depends on several factors. How big the master mold is, who is making it, and the materials being used are all factors which effect the initial cost. Master molds for plastic manufacturing can easily cost $10,000 or more. One of the earlier quotes I received from a reputable U.K. miniature manufacturer started at 10,000 £, which at the time of the quote (pre-BREXIT) was alot more than $10,000 USD.


I was able to find a different and experienced reputable toy and gaming manufacturer, who also gladly works with kickstarts, to produce The War in Christmas Village master mold and a run of miniatures for less money than $10,000.


Sadly, in my own country of the U.S.A. I was unable to get a single plastic manufacturer to return an email and/or answer any phone call inquiries. So, unfortunately, because I'm not a big company like 3M, I had to go overseas to find a plastics manufacturer to even give me a price quote :(


Sad, but true.


The original scope of this project was much bigger than what you see now. As this is my first venture into crowd funding, as well as overseas plastic manufacturing, I decided it best to scale the original idea back and keep this Kickstarter campaign simple. I decided starting small with my first crowd funding campaign would be a wiser choice than a giant first project.


I think The Zombie Christmas Villagers are a lot of fun, and I really want to include them into the original set. However, adding these designs would double production costs, so I decided to add them as a last minute stretch goal.


The response from folks for this project has been amazing, and in 2017 I plan on adding more designs and miniatures to The War in Christmas Village concept. If you are hesitant about purchasing The War in Christmas Village miniatures now, then please wait until they are realeased to the general public. A minimum order from the manufacturer is for 1,000 models per design, and as over 200 backers have supported this project this far, there will be extras for sale at a later date.


Thanks, and I'm glad you like the concept :)


Hello, it's been a while since the last post, and I wanted to give an update on the progress of the War in Christmas Village tabletop gaming miniatures. 


There was extra money from the kickstart, so I commissioned a local artist, Jeff Gaither, to design a box to hold the minis, we added a plastic insert to hold the minis and keep them safe, and a die. 


 I've learned a lot about manufacturing this past year, and I even recently met with the game manufacturer at Gen Con. Here are some pics of the the finished War in Christmas Village set. 


Meanwhike, Alex and I have been busy designing two more sets of War in Christmas Village minis as sequels. A second Kickstarter is being planned this fall/winter :)




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17 hours ago, HornedTurtle said:

Have these hit retail yet?


On facebook they are saying:


"The first set is currently being manufactured and should ship by the end of September.
After the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled for the backers, then the War in Christmas Village models will then be available for retail."

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Horned Turtle, the first set of War in Christmas Village miniatures is being manufactured in Shen Zhen right now, meanwhile Alex and I have been busy designing two more additional sets miniatures :)  


Heading out soon...





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