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Christmas Ornament - Owl

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    • By PhantomAquarist
      Gotta touch up some areas later like the excess paint in the mouth. But other than that I'd say it's tabletop ready! :)

    • By Arc 724
      Female Owlfolk Fighter by Stonehaven Miniatures
      Finished this commission the other day. Part commission part engagement gift for one of the ladies that I play D&D with. She was so stink'n excited to get it. :)
      This is the tabletop quality {Tt}, quick paint job done in a couple of hours.
      Hope you enjoy! 

      I used reaper brush on sealer before taking the photo's. I will not do that again. I don't like the shine it gave off. Made it look odd.
    • By Pochi
      I painted the Bones Black, Bones, and Wizkids owlbears as Great Horned Owls. This is the Bones Black owlbear. Not sure why it isn't in the store, even under the special edition section. I used the number it was assigned my order form. Anyway, it is a pretty cool model! I have several of them so will be able to paint them as different types of owls. I definitely need a Hedwig owlbear!

    • By ChanSeal
      “OK, so the Fireball spell didn’t work that well. Any other ideas Owl?”
      “Hoo!? You asking me!? I’m just an owl.”
      Probably my last mini for the year.
      Wasn’t planning on painting the cloak brown since it sorta merges with the hair and owl, but a slight accident forced it on me.
      I like the way it turned out tough.
      Thanks for looking.

    • By Rat13
      Seeing as this will be my first Christmas as a father my wife and I ended up discussing Christmas traditions from our youth. Though my family celebrated the holiday we didn't really have any traditions whereas my wife's family had a ton. Since I don't have any traditions from my family to pass on my wife asked if there was anything I'd like to start. 
      At first I couldn't think of any and figured I wouldn't come up with anything. After a week though I came up with an idea that hopefully my daughter will enjoy in the years to come. I figured we could paint a miniature together and make an ornament each year. 
      Obviously the kid can't help me paint anything yet or even give me ideas for a miniature or paint scheme. I think I came up with something good though. An ordinary Cadian figure with the right paint job easily becomes a Cadian Santa, add a present to it's base and you're done.
      I really wish I photographed the miniature before inserting it inside the ornament, but that's just something I'll have to remember for next year.
      Now I'll be the first to admit I didn't plan this build very well. Much like when I'm creating a new piece of terrain this isn't much more than a proof of concept build but I'm thinking of sticking with this initial piece, so if this does become a tradition we can always look back at my first piece. Maybe we'll even see improvement over the years.
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