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[SPLIT] Reaper's 25th Anniversary Promotion January

Reaper Ron

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Reaper's Turning 25!  Drat.  Now I feel... old...

Congrats Reaper Crew!  Now the company can rent a car without an extra fee!


Reaper turning 25 doesn't make me feel old.  For as long as I have been painting miniatures, there has been a Reaper.  In fact 25 years ago... I wasn't even in high school.  Nope, I just feel like Reaper is old, not me.  ::D:

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Crap. So, not only do I have to find the cash for Bones IV sometime next year, but I'll also have to find the scratch to take part in monthly orders?


The Missus ain't gonna like this.


Any chance we'll have the whole calendar in a preview up front, like we do with the 12 days thing, so we can better prepare our orders?

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Will this stack with the October and December promotions (goodie bag and holiday miniatures)?


At the rate I paint, it doesn't even matter which year I buy new miniatures or paint...  ::(:

This is a very likely thing yes. To be fair, our current plans do not have the October 2017 and December 2017 fully charted and locked in.

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