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[SPLIT] Reaper's 25th Anniversary Promotion January

Reaper Ron

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I had this idea of only backing Bones IV and buying nessecities next year..

Less minis...


So naturally with the announcement about the Twelve Months of Reaper, I'm already making a lis of nessecities...I NEED those Koborlas and I might NEED that Reven Warbeast Rhino...


I can quit any time I want!!!!!

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A big part of me wants to make all kinds of suggestions of what would be cool for the Reaper 25th year long celebration.  But then I know that Ron is as a big a fan and lover of the hobby as all of us and will come up with some incredible offerings from the great artists that Reaper uses.


So I will sit back content and wait for them ....

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$15 for the Grim Reaper, or get it for Free along with free shipping by ordering $40. I can tell which option is overall the better deal. Gorgeous miniature, btw. Very tempting.

I think it's pretty obvious which one is the better deal. It depends on how many you want.


and I'm looking at it as "how much you already have". If I've got enough paint and minis, it is more cost effective to just buy the LE figure. If I need to round out my paint collection, then I may as well get the figure for free.


Either way, good on Reaper for making it available without a minimum purchase. I know I will be getting one with my Christmas cash.

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