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[SPLIT] Reaper's 25th Anniversary Promotion January

Reaper Ron

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If someone can comment, how large will the Grim Reaper be? I'm curious about general scale for it.




Sir Forscale by Mystwolf.


Edit to add: models shown on 1" grid mat, if that helps.

Hum. Well, now based on that size, I may actually have to get him...
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I got my Grim Reaper today.


Not as threatening as he could be, perhaps it is a personal problem?


Tried to include a picture here of Mr Reaper with his scythe sadly dropping downward, but i couldn't get it to work.


I committed sacrilege and popped open the blister (no longer a collectible, i can feel free to ruin him with paint!) and he bent right back into position.  He is quite the chunk of metal.  I look forward to painting him (but i will be honest, the hourglass terrifies me!).


I also got LTPK 2 Layer Up! - WOW - what a set of instructions - very thorough and detailed (26 pages!)  A little light on step by step pictures, but very well done from a standpoint of illustrating techniques and teaching process.  Much of the actual step by step is just recipes and sequence of steps (which is fine... i don't really need a picture of the brush touching the boots, followed by a picture of the brush touching the staff).  Actually handling them i like the minis a lot.  This should be a good way for me to become competent ;)


Thanks to Reaper not being militant about dates, i was able to sneak Nick the Christmas Rogue into my January order (thereby saving my marriage as my wife dropped the ball on my 12 days order...).  I LOVE this sculpt - I hope i can do that cherubic face justice... those eyes are frighteningly small.


I am excited, but i hope that future months feature all sorts of minis i don't want (bring on the space marines...) or i will be very poor when this is all over!

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