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77395 Reaper Bones Cadirith Demonic Colossal Spider - Pic Heavy


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Oh man, I like this. I think the part I like the best is the red marks around the spikes on the abdomen. the fact that they are now just a quickly brushed stripe, but each segment has it's own variation. That's awesome looking. I may steal some of the color scheme when I get to painting mine.

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You should enter this in the Large Minis Contest!!!!


Thanks Xherman!


Y'know, I might just do that. ::):


Looks great!


I really like the 'ombre' effect you give to the legs.


Thanks Thes!


** Frantically Googles "ombre"**


It's just dry-brushed overlapping layers of ever lighter colours. ::):


Just watched the Shelob scenes from RotK...  This guy looks like a good match to be her mate! Well done!


Thanks David!


I'd be lying if I said that ROTK didn't inspire me, along with red knee tarantula pics.

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