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Lot of Bones [pic heavy]

Silver Jack

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Everything here is incredible, i cannot do half as well in twice the time!


Especially striking is the NMM blue armor contrasted with the flat blue and white of the shield tabard and banner - beautiful


I like all of the restrained color palettes here, but especially the blue on blue

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are you sure you only spent 2.5 hours or less on these gems????  looks like 2.5 days possibly weeks to me!


These are some of the best painted  examples I have seen of these bones mini's !


You should post it to the inspiration gallery for all to see!

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Thanks for comments!

I was trying in this project to speed up my painting skills for few reasons.

1. I started painting with glazes too early in my painting career and because of that I didn't learn how to properly make contrast on miniature. Its easier, in my opinion, to learn that through layering with no translucent paint. I thought I had to use only glazes to be a good painter and I have to put aside dirty techniques like drybrushing, washing and painting with not dilluted paint.
For example I have here doctus festus from gw which i painted mostly with glazes. It took me 20 hours to bring him to that state and he is not very impressive:(. And in my opinion its connected to my glazes because i made some nice transitions and I was too afraid to use darker shades because they could destroy my previous work. And many other times I spent too much time on miniature because i was too careful. 










On bones I used drybrush, washing, layering and only a little bit of glazing (blades and some faces), and it has sped up everything in great proportion.  And I was more courageous with contrast and it was nice lesson to see how far I can go. Maybe in free time i will make short tutorial how to paint bones quickly.

2. From year to year i have less time for hobby, I need to paint faster to do few miniatures a month to have some hobby routine. 

3. Sometimes i have to paint something, finish it, see results - its very stress relieving for me.


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