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Wife painted her first mini today

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It's difficult to not paint a skeleton right. 


She took the easy way...  


Good use of colours on the skeleton, and the rocks look pretty solid. The axe handle could probably use a lighter colour and some weathering.


What will she be paintig next? 


"He's just bones and a bit of skin here and there. Just a little bit bigger than that skeleon you did. And the base is mostly rocks. You're good at painting rocks! Here's a new #0 brush, and do you mind posing in front of that clock?"



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    • By AngiesArmies
      I painted up the skeletons I had from Bones 2 together with a Bone Fiend. The Skeletons were fun to do, the Bone Fiend a bit less as the model was quite undefined. For the skeletons, I took some inspiration from the game Morrowind for the colours, bases and shield designs.





    • By Guindyloo
      So I needed a skull for something I was working on and with much regret and apologies, I lopped off the head of one of my Bones Skeleton Axemen. I was actually very upset that I had to behead one of my friends. I was in the Google hangout at the time and TGP suggested that I replace his head with a pumpkin. I thought it was a great idea and I just so happened to have a couple of 02992 jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins already primed and mostly basecoated from back in October when I did my Halloween diorama. I pinned his pumpkin head and also pinned him to the base because he's made of Bones and the pumpkin is metal, so he does slouch a bit but I don't think he should topple over.
      Anyway. Here are some really awful pictures I took of him! 

      Here he is being entirely washed out by my terrible lighting.

      Enjoy the bonus cat hair in this shot.

      I don't even know what this picture is. I think I was trying to show you how much he slouches because that's how I show things off.

      A slightly different shot because I took the time to send it to my computer from my phone and edit it, so you get to see it.
      I think he makes a pretty good friend, now I just have to put him somewhere that he won't get eaten by the kitten...
      C&C always welcome! 
    • By Jessie
      I had a goal to paint 30 skeletons in October (see my work in progress though I am bad at posting progress pics). Well they are finally done!
      Photos behind a spoiler since so many:
      Thanks for reading!
    • By Edsterdoom
      Here is a selection of skeleton warriors and Guardians from the Bones 2 Kickstarter. I have painted them to represent they are inhabitants of a damp old crypt, hence the green staining and rust on the weaponry.
      This is the first set of Bones 2 models I have attempted to date.
      Here is a group shot of the lot followed by a few close ups of particular models.

      I have based them in my normal way, to represent them spilling out from the depth of a crypt.
      As always comments or suggestions welcome.
    • By nomad_grrl
      I painted up 5 of the skeletons from Bones II, originally for the April Resolutionary Challenge, but once I finished the paint job, I had a complete block on how to base them so fell off the challenge wagon. 
      I wanted them to look like their tomb had been a bit mouldy and damp so I washed all the woods with a mix of green and grey ink, and tried to make the metals look really rusty and pitted.


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