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1 Day Painting Challenge - 12 Angels of Sorrow (77362)


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I have wanted to try writing a WIP for awhile now and I have decided that the circumstances of today might make for an interesting one.  Last year I painted six of the   Reaper Bones Telephone Box (80037) to look like Doctor Who's Tardis for my family and friends who are fans of the show.  This year I want to paint up the Angels of Sorrow as the weeping angels to go with it.  The trick of it is that one of the individuals who is getting them as a gift now lives in my basement.  This also happens to be the location of my painting desk.  So I have to try and complete this project when he is not around.  I have a three day weekend and thought that it should be plenty of time, but it just so happens that it was his weekend off.  So that leaves me with today.  So while he is at work I will have to prep and paint 12 angels of sorrow.  I like to think of this as a reverse goblin challenge.  Instead of one large model in 7 days with a tiny brush, I am going to do 12 small models in one day with a least one large brush.  I started this morning at 8 when he left for work.  So far the models have been scrubbed and are sitting and drying while I write this post.   Once I get this posted, I will start my favorite part of the process and start hunting for mold lines.  





It took me a bit longer to than I expected to figure out how to get pictures on here then I was expecting.  Oh well.  Off to find some mold lines.

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I prefer to do the mold lines first, then wash. That way I can handle the mini with impunity while scraping and cutting.

I tend to agree with you.  However, I have found that with Bones that I really struggle with finding the mold lines.  I have had too many times that I have been in the middle of painting a model only to discover that I missed a really noticeable mold line.   I have found the best way to combat this is to give the model a quick thin coat of liner. It helps me find the mold lines.  I can then go back with the liner and "prime" the model with a nice smooth coat before I do my base coating. 





I was not originally planning on documenting this step as it tends to just be part of my normal routine with Bones and therefore I do not have a before and after to show how much easier it is to see the lines.  But here are two of the angels after a thin coat of grey liner and you can easily spot the mold lines.  Well back to scraping.


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So after removing all of the mold lines. (I hope I got them all.)  I then did a quick coat of liner to prime the models.  After a quick lunch, I got them base coated.  I liked how the figures looked when I had first applied the thin liner and wanted to do something simple like that.  The nice thing is that the weeping angels are really just stone statues so I can go with a simple color and paint scheme.  My plan is to give them a bit of a wash with blueish/blackish wash color and then dry brush in some highlights.  I think that they should look pretty good after that.  My only concern is that the base coat that I did maybe a little too white in color and tone.







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Ambitious, I like it!!

Thanks.  It has been a good challenge and not everything has gone the way I wanted. 


I have been focused on the process, and have not been willing to stop to update this, but I have some time now.  So the plan had been to try a blueish/blackish wash.  I thought that the light color of my basecoat could be a problem and it was.  I did not take a picture of it, but needless to say things did not look right after the wash.  With time running low I decided to use a rock formula that I have used in the past.  I started off by applying a new basecoat of dark grey.






After that, I took and dry brushed each figure with a lighter shade of grade and then a highlight on selected areas. 






With the highlights done, I used some secret weapon miniature soft body black wash over the whole thing. 






At this point, I feel that I can call them done.  I have applied some matte varnish to seal them and to cut down on the gloss finish left from the wash.  Overall I am happy with them.  I would have loved to have spent more time on them, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Knowing who they are going to I know that they will be appreciated. I will post some pics of them finished in the show off section once the varnish dries.  Probably tomorrow.

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Thanks.  I think that they will go over well as gifts.  With more time I know I could have done a better job.  I will say that I would rather rush to get these done then have to rush to buy that last minute gift.  It at least gave me an excuse to attempt writing a WIP and being a bit more active here in the forum.

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