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That fuzzy feeling

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I am currently painting up a Zombie Dragon, and I have decided that the side and a arm will be covered in mold. I have never attempted to make a mold covered piece, so if anyone has any suggestions, I will gladly listen and try. I have done flocking on bases, but was wondering what would make the most realistic mold and the best way to apply it.

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The snow sounds like a good idea, you would be able to colour it fairly easily aswell to give it a nice green mold look. Or just leave it white as well!


There is a fuzzy kind of flock that my boyfriend uses on his 15mm Flames of War models, I feel that this would be good to glue onto teh areas you want to be moldy and then prime and paint along with the rest of it. The fuzziness of it should look like a good thick layer of nice putrid green rot/mold/mildew.

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