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Darius Glenwell

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I had ordered a bunch of the Christmas figures last week, and they arrived exceptionally fast. Which was awesome! However, the Christmas Knight model had a HUGE piece of flash on his left shoulder. Normally I'd just cut it off and go about painting. But it was the size of his shield, and attached firmly to his shoulder and left side of his face. 

So I sent a message to the customer service guys with a photo of the figure, and in less than 24hrs, they responded that a new one would be sent out in a couple of days. Kudos folks! You all are still the best in the business! You're customer service is top notch. Love Reaper Minis, and will be looking forward to painting up these great Christmas figures. Especially Christmas Knight, and the animals. :D 


All the Best, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year Reaper Folks!


Tom Nelson 

Midwest Miniature Guy


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I've never had issues of any kind with any of my Reaper orders, and half the time when the postal tracker says Tues delivery, the order actually arrives before lunch time on Mon, which is impressive given the amounts that they're moving during the holidays. Also the sample paint I received last month was a similar shade to the GW Rotting Flesh that I had just run out of so timing and choice of color worked out perfectly. Sheer luck probably ​(unless Miss Cleo faked her death and is laying low in the Reaper shipping Dept.)​

So all in all I've had nothing but positive experiences with Reaper.

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