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Frostgrave Warband Archers, Hawkeyed Arvid & Pretty Laerke


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Again, pics without words until later....


Thanks for looking!


Words now


VMC Ivory on his Weapon hilt and the toggles of her tunic

VMC Smoke (Diluted 1/5) on the Bow and Arrow shafts

GW Red Ink and WC Red 5 on the fletchings

SC75 Speed Metal and White Alchemy on his weapon hilts and pommel

SC75 Dwarven Gold on her belt buckle


post-14271-0-34376800-1484802407_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-21551200-1484802408_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-29213600-1484802409_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-30274600-1484802410_thumb.jpg


post-14271-0-27916200-1484802411_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-27859500-1484802412_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-28195600-1484802413_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-27281500-1484802414_thumb.jpg


Thanks for looking!

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Pics and words!


SC75 Thar Brown to highlite the bows and arrow shafts

SC75 Elven gold on her belt buckle, followed by SC75 Citrine Alchemy

WC Red 1 and WC Orange 5 on the fletchings


post-14271-0-76504200-1484887869_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-78921000-1484887870_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-80308000-1484887871_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-80722400-1484887872_thumb.jpg


post-14271-0-85948200-1484887873_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-83595000-1484887874_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-83676600-1484887875_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-86902700-1484887876_thumb.jpg


Oh yeah, they got bases too!

Along with some tufts to hide the joins between fee and cobbles....


Secret Weapon Crushed Glass Snow next and done!


Thanks for looking!

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