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New Releases for January 2017

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Also, there doesn't seem to be any information on 09970 MSP Starter Paint Set

no, there hasn't been any shared.

No, not a limited item, just has only had limited release up to now.


It had a preview release at ReaperCon. It was a Black Friday promo special.


It will be released some time in the spring of 2017 if nothing changes. Other projects are on our schedule before it, (cough cough fulfillment cough cough) and so it is not on any official announcement yet. We need the flexibility when it come to release dates.

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Nothing is really calling to me in this set or releases. Still, I just bought a whole pile of Chronoscope sci-fi figures to use for Osprey's Rogue Stars game so it's not like I won't have plenty to paint this month!


To each their own. :lol:


My cows and pigs need more townsfolk to play with!

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Oh yeah those kids are going on my want list.

I hope these are popular. I'd like to see some post apocalypse kid sets in the future.

me three.


Cute little kid adventurers are great. And they could be boys or girls, these ones don't have any real gender markers.

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