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Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

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This will be an easy pass if the walls make 3/4 of the tile unusable.




The currently available corner pieces like that one have only one full floor square too. So unless you are cutting your models in half to use the half spaces at the edges of the walls, 3/4 of Dwarven Forge corner tiles have always been unusable as gaming space. This new one is just putting some decoration in the partial floor spaces along the walls.


I admit that it is a slightly confusing design choice that they made way back with the original resin sets and stuck to. But having the walls eat into part of the floor spaces allows for each overall tile size to be 2x2 or 4x4, which helps with layouts where you can lay any tile next to another. All the standard tiles fit on an overall 2x2 grid.

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It is definitely a feature of all Dwarven Forge walls...for better or worse.



As for the Kickstarter, I would be naive to think that I can make my will save against it. The best I can hope for is to come out without spending too much.

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This will be an easy pass if the walls make 3/4 of the tile unusable.




I really like the look of these walls and I like my terrain with walls but I know some do not.


I am not fond of the very short wall look but to try new things I DMed a couple games using just floor tiles, door pieces and accessories, while I missed the walls it did work.  I also Dmed those games with wall less caverns and used the DF chasm sets to make the cavern walls rough, while it worked I would like another chasm set with different sculpts to have added to the variety.  


I emailed Dwarven Forge and suggested that they could get in on the wall haters side of the market by selling sets of floor only tiles and accessory sets without wall items.  I do not know if they will ever try it but perhaps if they got more emails from the wall less demographic they would.

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I personally am finding that what I want most is variety in elevation to add interest to my builds. I hadn't bought an elevation packs until KS4, and that stuff obviously isn't here yet. 


Hopefully KS5 adds to this some decent options for that.

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I managed to make my will-roll for every Dwarven Forge Kickstarter ... reasons being: it's not cheap (that in itself is not really a bonus to my will-roll), it's heavy (meaning shipping to Germany is expensive) and not-cheap plus high shipping means I have to pay a lot of import taxes and fees ...

Doesnt Dwarven Forge of a European distributor?
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