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Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon


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Hmm. DF did have dungeon accessories and a freestanding wall in its first KS. I'm also seeing a freestanding cavern in its catalog.


I actually find battlemaps useful to use with tiles. I saw a rather nice one on a KS many months ago. Wonder whatever happened to it!

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On 3/31/2017 at 5:39 PM, Harrek said:

These are always easy for me to avoid.  I don't want tiles.  All I would ever back for are accessories that I can place on a battle map.  So fortunately my wallet is safe .... at least with this KS.


I have role/roll played many ways over the many years, (no minis or maps, just maps,  minis on a table, minis on a mat, minis on a mat with accessories, minis on full 3d terrain) all are great fun.  So I will say this to you, Keep having fun your way and try something new if you wish.


I have suggested to DF in the past that they should sell packs of just accessories to get the business of the accessory only crowd and that they should sell floor only packs to get the business of the floor only group "Wall Haters ;)   "  Perhaps they will someday but it is not really their focus so I don't really expect them to do it.






The dwarvenforge home page shows that the official name of DF's KS5 is Dungeon of Doom! 

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A word from Stefan of Dwarven Forge posted on the DF forum. 

I want to add that Lady Sabelle's latest creation is remarkable! It works well for so many things...indoor and outdoor...the details are sublime:)

Nina, and Tobi and Drew and Josh, and Nate and especially Elye (Griffon Tamer) have done amazing things...we have been designing and sculpting for over 10 months!
I feel this will bring back a lot of backers...kickstarter is important because it does show our stuff to a huge public audience in a way that nothing else can. I hope we get lots of new backers this year:)
We have purposely shown very little so far...there are A LOT of sculptures...dozens and dozens and dozens...
Our purpose in the base design was to appeal to both those who already have KS1 pieces, and also to those who have none. The design needed to blend with the KS1 pieces but also be different, a little new, and something worth getting even if you have some dungeons. I hope we achieved this, we shall see:)
There will be utilitarian pieces and also extravagant decorated designs...I have been dying to show for 10 months!
Nate will kill me though, we are filming videos in the coming weeks, I am sure Nate will make them very kewl!
We are almost there!







Using the YouTube settings to force the 1080p resolution and 0.25 playback speed, you can really get a good look at some of the pieces here:
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