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Before C.A.V.

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Since I have been posting, I have displayed C.A.V., Star Trek Attack Wing, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, Star Fleet Battles, MATAAC, but not Battle Tech/Battle Droids.  So to correct the situation, the extent of the BT force when CAV intervened :  This is a Taurian Corps (more equivalent to a standard Division but in keeping with the stated structure...)


Corps HQ:post-9266-0-87001700-1482680723_thumb.jpg

Corps assets of: Cyclops Command Mech, 2 Atlas Security, 2 Artillery Batteries (Bombardier, Longbow), an A/A Rifleman battery, 3 Stealth Exterminators, and miscellaneous, towed hvy artillery, helo transport and security robots. Helo is from Superior and the robot were from 40K Terran troops, I think.post-9266-0-82187100-1482680877_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-71257400-1482680939_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-15517300-1482681005_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-96642600-1482681062_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-52432000-1482681160_thumb.jpg


These are for combat team detachments:post-9266-0-89244900-1482681283_thumb.jpg


Aviation assets:post-9266-0-16387300-1482681336_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-87205700-1482681401_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-28613700-1482681449_thumb.jpg


1st. Regiment HQpost-9266-0-96348800-1482681550_thumb.jpg


Battalion HQ:post-9266-0-23838700-1482681925_thumb.jpg

1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies:post-9266-0-79069600-1482682035_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-81100500-1482682202_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-37869700-1482682287_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-71140600-1482682388_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-24306100-1482682535_thumb.jpg

2nd. Battalion:post-9266-0-58024700-1482682734_thumb.jpg

Battalion HQ:post-9266-0-26151800-1482682806_thumb.jpg

1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies:post-9266-0-52886400-1482682952_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-95044500-1482683098_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-53513300-1482683203_thumb.jpg

3rd. Battalion:post-9266-0-85862700-1482683458_thumb.jpg

Battalion HQ:post-9266-0-51440700-1482683595_thumb.jpg

1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies:post-9266-0-93170300-1482683735_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-17191500-1482683819_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-30078900-1482683902_thumb.jpg

2nd. Regiment HQ:post-9266-0-41151100-1482684825_thumb.jpg

1st. Battalion:post-9266-0-97679300-1482684983_thumb.jpg

Battalion HQ:post-9266-0-52226900-1482685069_thumb.jpg

1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies:post-9266-0-08329400-1482685152_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-02173400-1482685255_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-93078400-1482685353_thumb.jpg

2nd. Battalion:post-9266-0-39375600-1482685540_thumb.jpg

Battalion HQ:post-9266-0-70025500-1482685691_thumb.jpg

1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies:post-9266-0-76799200-1482685822_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-73552700-1482685935_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-61276100-1482686027_thumb.jpg

3rd. Battalion Mechanized (MATAAC):post-9266-0-32119500-1482686251_thumb.jpg

Battalion HQ:post-9266-0-61155800-1482686341_thumb.jpg

1st., 2nd., 3rd., & 4th. companies:post-9266-0-68702000-1482686433_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-53738600-1482686589_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-50937600-1482686991_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-97453600-1482687060_thumb.jpg


This last group was for a scenario for  the location of an abandoned Star League Base hidden on the edge of Taurian Space.  The base was rumored to be full of new Toros and Crabs never deployed, which you can see there are 25 of each:post-9266-0-03571800-1482687277_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-72150500-1482687418_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-87828200-1482687577_thumb.jpg


Any mechs that are not primed were acquired during the CAV build up.  More jobs to add to the list.


Any shots of something not clear enough let me know and I will get an in close picture.

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That's an awesome display of old school Battle Tech goodness!

As for "old", I think the 2 Cestus's (1st. Rgt., 1st. Bn., 1st. Co., 2nd. Lance/Platoon), the Bombardier (Corps HQ), and possibly the Flea (in most of the Command elements) are the oldest castings so far as I have found.  Maybe someone else knows if any are older. 

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And before Battletech:post-9266-0-14129500-1483369887_thumb.jpg Unfortunately I lost one of the models years ago and the other is in need of repairs.


And going from this, where you blacked out the blocks not used according to the Mech being used:post-9266-0-70157300-1483370154_thumb.jpg


To the individualized sheets of today:post-9266-0-71904800-1483370237_thumb.gif





These are for an Armada article in "General SciFi":post-9266-0-99453900-1484261394_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-33157500-1484264712_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-85269200-1484264752_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-12686100-1484264845_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-45059800-1484264897_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-93856200-1484264949_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-92630100-1484264998_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-30275900-1484265070_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-58933300-1484265162_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-38153900-1484265229_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-75570000-1484265315_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-26793400-1484265398_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-25932700-1484265777_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-13924100-1484265883_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-74980000-1484265973_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-36198300-1484266093_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-00543500-1484266162_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-99954200-1484266911_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-08818500-1484267051_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-60483100-1484267155_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-90785000-1484267232_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-47921400-1484587459_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-88074300-1484587731_thumb.jpg

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      But first, a soft lil "farewell, but this is not goodbye" set of pics to the previous use of the space - a hobby I was involved heavily in for over five years, and will return to at some point, but for the time being it just wasn't providing much in the way of joy.  Skip the spoiler if not interested 
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