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canuckotter goes bananas - Khanjira in 7 Days!


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Decided to throw my hat in the ring and paint up Khanjira as a goblin challenge. Plan is to start tomorrow (Boxing Day) sometime in mid-afternoon.


This may not be my best plan ever, as I appear to be suffering the edge of a nasty stomach flu, but I don't get a lot of good opportunities with enough free time to take stuff like this on so I'm going to do my best to take advantage of it.


Pics tomorrow before I begin. ::D: 

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7 days *AND* a stomach flu?! :zombie: Now that's a pretty hard core challenge you got yourself into.


I'm eager to see what color scheme you'll be using.

So am I. I still haven't figured it out. :lol: I'm pretty sure I'm the walking definition of how not to do one of these challenges... ::P: 


Stomach flu seems to have abated without real damage (to me anyway)... Still a little wobbly but no longer feeling like massive upheaval is imminent. Keeping my fingers crossed there! ::): 

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