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canuckotter goes bananas - Khanjira in 7 Days!


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Have y'all lost your ever lovin minds! Lol. Good luck! Can't wait to see more

You are assuming that there is something to lose in the first place.....


You make a valid argument.


I suppose he would know.. ^^;




I lost my mind years ago when the poor thing roamed and never came back.....


Plus I am talking to 3 (!) people doing the challenges on the hangouts.....

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Wasted a lot of time playing around with a sort of fire scheme that I don't have the ability to pull off, and then spent some time tinkering before settling on a green I like. Got the skin base coated in Ancient Oak, and then the belly and leg plates done in Desert Stone. Now I need to figure out what I'm doing for the back plates, spikes, etc.




And yes, "paint first and figure out the colours later" is my normal approach. ::P:

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Decided to assemble the torso to make it easier to see where to put highlights and stuff. The whole thing (other than the putty filling the gaps) is base coated and in a couple spots I started experimenting with highlights. Now I'm going to let it sit for a while and let the putty cure before touching up any missed spots in the base and then start highlighting for realsies.



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