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I assume you're all already familiar with the Goblin Challenges, especially since there are 2 other contenders taking on their own challenges right now!


Time off from work for me always means it's paint slopping time... I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of challenges to do. ::P: In case you've forgotten the roolz:


1) Thou shalt not use any brush larger than a standard size 0. 0 shall be the number on the brush, and the number on the brush shall be 0. 1 shalt thou not use, neither use thou 2, excepting that thou ensures that it is actually 0/2 on the brush. 5 is right out. Once the size 0, being the correct number, be reached, then lobbest thy size 0 brush towards thy foe, who being made of Bones, shall be painted.


2) 7 full days (168 consecutive hours) from when the timer starts are all the time that is allowed in this challenge; whether that time is spent working, sleeping, painting or sobbing uncontrollably is up to the participant.


3) Boiling and scrubbing the model to remove casting residue are the only prep tasks allowed prior to the timer being started. Removing mold lines, greenstuffing or otherwise altering the original sculpt in any way beyond factory spec is prohibited.


4) The timer starts with the posting of a picture of DDS2 and my intended brush(es) to be used and a device bearing my local time. The challenge will therefore end at the same time 7 days (168 consecutive hours) later or whenever I complete the task prior to time running out.



This is going to hurt a lot and I'm not absolutely certain that I'm going to be able to finish in time since I am not in any way, shape or form a speed painter, despite my past challenge victories. I've got the full 7 days at my disposal though and a giant case of energy drinks so I'm going to give it my best and try very hard not to get caught up in spending a billion hours on the adventurers like I would normally do.


I'll be starting somewhere around 12-ish hours from now... so I should probably go and unbox DDS2 now. ::P:

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The MadnessTM still runs deep in your veins.


DDS2 is one of the super-sized ones *AND* it will cut into the New Year's Eve/day events. It really is crazy. And that's regular crazy, not just goblin crazy or xenomorph crazy (if that's a thing).


With that... GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO IT!

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You can do it! 


(But block out as much time early as you can. However much of it as you think there is, THERE IS MORE.)

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First hour progress. I spent about 30 minutes removing mold lines from the adventurers. Everything else looks pretty good so I'm not going to worry about it.


Then I thinned down my brown liner, which I don't usually do, and slopped it all over the adventurers and partially on the dragon, just so I didn't waste the brown liner that was already mixed up.

It's fully my intention to tackle the adventurers in the first 2 days, with other pieces only getting worked on if I need a change of pace.




Whoever's dry is getting painted first.

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Go... you crazy person you... go!  

Having just gotten this and really started to look at it... my mind gibbers in fear at the thought of attempting this in one week... 

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Almost done basecoating this little lady.....I'll call her Trevoress the Sorceress. She's got some rough mold spots, especially on the right (her right) side of her face but overall I'm not too bothered.




Time for a dinner break!

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