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Frostgrave Campaign 2017

Chris Palmer

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   Just want to let folks know that we will be starting our next Frostgrave Campaign on January 14th.  For those who would like to read about 2016's completed campaign, see the 2016 thread.


  We will use this new thread to post our After Action Reports and photos after each game of the upcoming campaign. Our plan is to start off doing the scenarios from the "Thaw of the Lich Lord" supplement book.


In the meantime, I have posted on my blog a brief write-up introducing my new wizard and her apprentice: The Tale of the Wizard Quailelyn



 The main library of the Percensua University of Wizardly Studies, located in the capitol of Valindhoa, was an old and cavernous stone building near the center of the ancient school's campus.  One of the first built on the land donated by the king some 800 years ago, it had developed it's share of drafts, groaning hinges, and uneven floors. The young students hated the place, calling it "The Tomb" for it's dark, damp and ancient nature.  To Maga Librarian Quailelyn, it was home...



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Wow what a read...good, just a bit long.


Looking forward to seeing how you guys get along with the lich lord campaign.


Also, really like your converted sigilist mini, looking forward to seeing the rest of the warband.


Thanks, chaoshead!  Sorry you found it long...I could have written a whole chapter about her life and what drove her to seek adventure outside the walls of her beloved library, but tried to limit it to just a few paragraphs. :) 


Thanks also for the kind words regarding the figure.  It's one of the conversions (and paint jobs) I've done that I'm most proud of.  You can see the article about the figure that posted on my blog: here.


I haven't decided on the figures for the whole warband yet, but will try to post a picture of the whole party when I do.




So, Quail and Bailey — for nicknames?


Will you be able to reuse henchmen figures from last time?


Yes, those will be the nicknames; though currently I'm not sure anyone in the party is familiar enough to call Quailelyn by hers, except the narrator. :) 


I may end up reusing some figures; but half the fun of a new warband is getting to paint new figures!  :)  The internal debate I'm having is whether to reuse characters.  If we assume Kodak's old group has now found themselves to be unemployed, there's no reason they couldn't be hired by a new arrival to the city; though most of them had risen to be soldier types beyond what a beginning wizard can afford.  There's always the chance they could be hired down the road. 

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Yay! The new campaign is finally starting!

A lovely intro story, though you've already raised the bar for yourself, so we expect no less ;=)

Is Sir Cardidil, perhaps, going to be a captain?



Glad you enjoyed it, Pippin.  :)  

     No, Sir Cardidil isn't going to be a Captain, just a plan Knight.   The little I saw of the Captain that Knabe played last campaign did not impress me much.  

  Though, I think Knabe plans to have one again; thinking that if you start him at the beginning and let him grow and develop during the campaign, he will be a real force to be reckoned with by the end.  We'll see.  I can always "promote" Sir Carididil if Quail finds there is a need for one. 

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:blink: 10 days to get my new wizard and apprentice painted? :wacko:



Yep.  ::P:


I still have my knight and an archer to do.


Heck, I haven't even considered painting up anyone new for the warband!




I wouldn't have painted anything new either, except I somehow ended up without any Frostgrave-based Knight figures!   The archer is more of an "if I get to it" thing, as I wanted it to be a human female archer, and all my female archers are distinctly elf looking. 

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I used a captain for half of our games when we were really into Frostgrave, I had mixed results really.


He only got one advance, he ended up dying often because the other players worried about him, he wasn't too expensive to keep around but I don't know that he paid for himself.


I would use one again though for the simple reason that another character that can group activate is what I found most useful about him.


I personally think that is probably the best thing about them.

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I finished up my new Sigilist warband for the start of the campaign this weekend.  Some of these figures have been posted individually in Show Off threads, but here's the whole group together. 





And for those of you who would like to see closer shots of everyone, along with their names,  they are shown behind this Spoiler tag:





The Wizard, Quailelyn. The Apprentice, Bailisette, and the Knight, Sir Cardidil



The Crossbowman, Luc Demic; and the Archer, Sallisee



The Thieves: Dorchesman, Kinny, and Innis Flin



The Thugs: Clol and Barc






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