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Infantry & Transports


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Here's just a quick question for all you CAV players -- how do you arrange your infantry/transports? Do you include the infantry and their transports in a single section or do you break them up so that you can activate the separately, should the need arise? If you prefer either method, explain why you think it works (or why the other doesn't).


And. . . . . go!

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Most people go for a combined section of infantry and transports (either 2 and 2 for heavies or small APCs and 3 and 1 for soft infantry). This is to avoid problems with embarking and disembarking when the infantry and APCs are in different sections.


That said due to the disembarking rules I refuse to mount my infantry in APCs.



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I'm one for APCs, I can upgrade a Tsukei to where it has a CLP and +4 TL, and have a cheaper spotter (than a light CAV) capable of moving my mortars around quick fast, if the need be.


I tend to organize infantry as platoons;


2 mortar stands 2 APCs

1 or 2 APCs infantry with AT23s or the AA launcher

1 or 2 APCs infantry with g11 or FA45.


A little different than true infantry doctrine, but workable for CAV

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Tough for me to even consider using infantry because I absolutely ENJOY using CAV's and VTOLS. But, on the occasion that I do play with infantry I typically bring 1 or 2 sections max. Those sections are usually as follows:


2 Fenri or Vindicator

2 Regular infantry w/ weapons compliment of FA45 MG and AA52 missile launcher.


I never have owned or plan to have heavy infantry because they seem silly to me. Sometimes my infantry will be armed with just a grenade launcher so I have a relatively cheap base with a wee bit of firepower. Other times I use a base w/ 2 AT23 missile launchers to go hard target sniping.


Basically, the Attack Transport units (Fenri, Vindicator... as those are the models that catch my eye and hold their own) drop off the infantry in an inconvenient location for the opponent. Then they fly off and provide support where needed.


Like most CAV games, it really depends on the role they are to fill or the goals of the combat. Without that it's tough to decide how to fill out your infantry. With that said, I typically keep my infantry/transports as flexible as possible so that I can just play them and not really worry about whether they're correct for the given situation.


I have played a scenario of capture the flag whereby I found considerable success by having 2 hedgehogs,. 2 badgers, and 6 total infantry bases (very basic weapon compliments). Since I had to get the flag and hold it, the infantry and transports were numerous to ensure that I could always pick up the flag when necessary and move it from unit to unit until I had control of flags in my own deployment zone. The result, my opponents were frustrated that they couldn't eliminate enough of my infantry and transports as well, my other support CAV's eliminated the opponent's small numbers of infantry/transporters and they were unable to get or hold any flags.


As for having 1 transporter and a full compliment of 3 infantry bases in it, I've not used that often enough to decide if I like it or not. I suppose I need to play that and figure out what the best use of it would be.


We're currently in a campaign in my area and the reconnaissance reports has it that a player essentially based his force on the 82nd airborne. Lot's of transporters and infantry. Should be interesting to see how that holds up.

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I find that infantry is very very useful, especially when facing a team of all Dictators and Rhinos. Get a Badger with ECCM, put in three stands of upgraded infantry with AT-23s, and woo-ee!


There's also the ESM/spotter unit with three heavy infantry with heavy mortars, but those don't need transport as much.

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I tend to either leave my infantry walking (heavy infantry and mortars) or I include their transports in their sections. I just find this so much easier, and I think it makes more sense from a TO&E standpoint.

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An all Infantry Force, While heavy on numbers / sections / initiative, lack one thing.

PUNCH vs. Hard targets.

The Rhino Might have a Heck of a time trying to eliminate the Infantry, but Cracking a Fresh Rhino with Missiles or Mortars is Tough. :upside:

It's hard enough to do with a Rhino or Dic 2 as it is :grr:

Attrition might win the fight, but a few good rolls by your opponent could also. :blink:


Also, your opponent can really make Pumas, Vanquishers, Spartans, and Sabertooths pay for themselves in a single round (points wise) by killing multple stands at once. Especially those that are heavily upgraded to enable them to compete with / Damage CAVs, they ARE Expensive. ::o:


same holds true for Aircraft, or even a Hedgehog! 2 FA45s will ruin any infantry's day at close range, even without TL.


some of the Best Defence against Infantry is a little infantry of your own. :poke:



The CAVs may take the Field, but the Infantry Holds it.



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If he really did an all infantry force, that's gonna be a lot of targets to have to take out. He may win games simply through weight of numbers.


During a test session here @ reaper HQ, a player with a 100% infantry force (using mortars for effective range) was able to completely eliminate the other guy because there were just too many targets. the all infantry guy brought 1000 points of infantry, vs. 1000 points of CAV and Gunships.

i know I have more respect for infantry now.......


But you are right, against Rhino's he would probably not have done so well.....

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Infantry swarms can do quite well - I have every reason to fear them. But, with the Sabretooth, the Sabre, and a few CAV with 4" bursts or 60" range can help equalize - but it's still going to be close. 1k of Infantry won't have much of a problem against fresh Rhinos - they have more sections, and can concentrate fire reasonably effectively.

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