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Here it is my first partially airbrushed miniature. I airbrushed the grey liner primer coat and the basecoat of the body and mouth, then got crazy and tried a simple fade from dark to light in the mouth. I then went back though and finished the mouth with some wet blending and used a brush for the rest of the figure. I gave the mouth a gloss coat and the body a matte coat. All and all I think this took me about an hour or so which is pretty fast for me. Thanks for looking.



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Very nice!!!!


Airbrushing such a small mini, isn't that hard???

Thanks! The base coating was easy, trying to get that fade in the mouth was more difficult but I think mostly because I'm still learning how far is too close and thinking the paint properly. My first try at the mouth, I had the pink too thin so it pooled a bit. I just wiped it off and tried again. I tried to d some highlighting on the body too but my control isn't the best yet so I abandoned that and used a brush instead. Edited by tiniest rhombus
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