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5000 pt force, Rach


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I've got a throwdown with a buddy. I'll be playing Rach, with a 5k force. Here is what I'm thinking of playing:


Attack Squad

1-Imperator      NCO, Turbo-Charged.
2-Imperator      Turbo-Charged.
3-Imperator      Turbo-Charged.
4-Imperator      Turbo-Charged.


Fire Support
1-Reaper          Ext Ammo 1, Ext Fire Control, Colonel.
2-Conqueror     Ext Ammo 1
3-Conqueror     Ext Ammo 1
4-Conqueror     Ext Ammo 1


Plus some other stuff I'm not listing, just in case he checks these forums.


the officers give me 8 C3 points, so when things heat up, the imperators can repair, move, attack, and even lock on without their Kahn, which I expect to be the first thing to die.


The conquerors and reaper will go after electronics support on the other side, and after they're dead, maul any under-armored or damaged targets of opportunity.


The Imperator is the backbone of my firepower; I'd like to put Vets or Aces in them, but decided to speed them up a bit instead. Hopefully the extra 2" on an assault move will offset the extra damage potential.




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Do you know that your buddy won't be bringing gunships?  Imperator MACs and Conqueror rockets can't target aircraft (see the Strike special ability on MACs and rules for Rockets in the back of the book weapons section).


With Rach I like to add in a mechanized infantry squad with Kraken Bs + Power Armor with grenadier and a couple satchel charges + No Mercy doctrine.  Quite useful for applying pressure to a specific area, and if someone is unused to fighting combined arms it will really catch them by surprise.  Also Kraken Bs have a lot of firepower for a transport and are quite useful even after deploying infantry.


If your buddy does like aircraft, Gnomics have one of the meanest anti-aircraft weapons in the game.

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That's a point. Good one, and I'm glad you brought it up. But first, I don't think he has CAV aircraft, and second, we're both in it for the mecha. Still something I need to worry about, he has plenty of infantry in scale.


So, two gnomics with mine-ammo in their rocket racks. air-space and area denial ho.

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